Seven Months

Dear Charlie,

I don't know that words can express how much I love you! You are happy, sweet, sleepy, chill, beautiful and wonderful. A lot of this month has been just growing what you were doing last month, but here are the things about you... it is SO thrilling to see you grow and learn and change!

- You will eat anything now. I haven't started on any "real" food because you don't have any teeth and you don't seem to understand the idea of chewing. But you eat oatmeal, cereal and all of the "stage one" foods.

- The pool is your new fave thing. We got you a floaty ring with a cover and you like to sit in it, play with toys and be splashed. You giggle when you are squirted in the face. You do NOT like when you accidentally dunk yourself though. Neither do I!

- Naps are the same... long one in the morning usually within an hour of waking up. Then a mid-day nap and an afternoon nap.

- Personality-wise... you kind of "study" people and toys and books and then play with them. If you are around your little buddies, you are perfectly happy to be on your tummy and watch them play. You don't really play with multiple things at a time, but will focus on one for awhile and then move on. It's so interesting to see!

- You've started smacking your gums and making a few little noises aside from your general cooing. You like it when I smack back at you and make loud noises... makes you giggle.

- You can sit up for a few minutes at a time as long as you don't throw a toy and lunge for it!

- You are doing "crunches" full on with leg lifts. I need to start doing these with you. On the floor in the house, you slam your head down so I prop something underneath so you don't give yourself a concussion!!

- In general... you love being outside, love music, get giddy when your Dad comes home, are really starting to love books, like your jumperoo, really enjoy being around other babies, etc.

- Hm... what do you NOT like? When you get overly tired... GRUMPY PANTS. When I don't feed you right when you get up. When I get your boogs out. When I wipe your face off after you eat. The normal stuff!

- In general, you're awesome. Here's a great video of your giggling!!

I love you, my man!



Unknown said...

I LOVE his high giggles! Little muffin cup.

He looks so much like BeckyLozier. What a handsome little dude.

Schulz Sightings said...

So beautiful! He does look so much like your mom, and you. Looks like he is loving life! Great job mama!

Katie Norwood said...

Yes, T-rog! He looks exactly like BeckyLozier!! I thought that before seeing that comment. Adorable, precious... Just all around awesome! Love him!

Kathryn said...

Great video and pictures. I can't believe he's 7 months! He's practically in jr. high.

Adkins Fam said...

OMG---I could eat him, seriously!! Thanks for posting that video...it made me smile :-)

Emily Tenner said...

Happy 7 months, Charlie!!!! You seriously get more and more adorable every day you grow!!! Liz, I LOVE how you write these notes to Charlie! He will cherish them in years to come, and I love seeing your amazing mommy heart in your writing!

sem said...

he is precious!!!!

Katrina said...

he and case could be bffs and spend lots of time sleeping and hooting/shrieking. I love charlie's sweet face!

Stewart Stuff said...

I met sweet Charlie at church a few weeks back. He was with your moom while y'all were at the Byron. He is stinkin' adorable!