Thursday Thing - Magazines

Since I've had the CharlieMan, I've definitely read my fair share of books... on my Nook (that's a whole separate post) and otherwise. But when I just have a few minutes before I go to sleep or sitting on the couch (and I'm not reading blogs), I have two magazine subscriptions that I love.

Vanity Fair.  I LOVE the Hollywood issue every year. The articles are always interesting and well written. The little tidbit that's a hollywood star doing three "directed" faces is great.  And the inside back cover Proust Questionnaire (Link is Tina Fey) with a "big name" is great. My only issue with VF is that the articles can be long and if I get sucked in, I don't put them down. This is my go-to mag for an airplane ride!... or it was back when I was flying places! ALSO, the Vanity Fair tumblr is great for daily snippets.

Entertainment Weekly. I love this magazine and read it cover to cover every week! It's is all articles about current movies, TV shows, music, plays, books and reviews of everything that's out. It gives weekly "what to watch on TV" reports, box office updates, interviews, etc. The annual "guides to the movies" are awesome! I keep them all summer/fall. It's not about the gossip column like an US weekly... though that's what Daniel calls it (irks me every time!) And the Bullseye at the back usually gives me a chuckle. I also follow EW on twitter.

If I could subscribe to another magazine, it would be Real Simple. I LOVE that one except it makes me want to buy stuff usually... that's the reason I also don't subscribe to Lucky magazine! And I MIGHT do People as well... but it's like $90 a year or something so I'm staying away from that.

NOTE: Thanks to Katie Limon for reminding me... I LOVE Cooking Light. I used to subscribe to it (and my friend, Mandy also gifted it to me a couple years!), but I wasn't cooking very much, slash AT ALL, then. Now that I'm trying to do more, I might consider getting it again!

What do you subscribe to?  What would you if you had the time/money to read whatever you wanted?


Katie Norwood said...

ooooooo I love magazines!! Of course I mostly like food magazines: Cooking Light, Every Day With Rachael Ray, Everyday Food, and Food & Wine. I also like Health and People StyleWatch. I used to like InStyle, but I stopped reading it becuase it was so depressing how expensive all the clothes were. Totally unrealistic.

Unknown said...

I'm a biiiiiit of a magazine junkie...

I currently get: Southern Living (LOVE), Cookie Light (also LOVE), Better Homes & Garden, House Beautiful, O, Women's Health (free subscript with my Clarisonic), Texas Monthly...that might be it right now.

I have let lapse: In Style (I like it, but with everything else found that it never got read), US Weekly (love it because it's such an easy read...really just looking. But I tried to wean myself from celeb gossip), Vanity Fair...that might be all.

Yipes. I'm a magazine disaster! :) PS....I get all my subscripts through Amazon (Except TX monthly) for like $5. Just watch for the sales on your favorite mags! Real Simple NEVER goes $5, but it does come down to $12-$15. FYI!