Thursday Things (Friday Edition) - Fishs Eddy

Fishs Eddy is one of the greatest stores in New York. It is the greatest kitchenware ever and cheap!  Please go there if you go to NYC OR you can shop online.  :)

Here are some things I have:
Glass Storage Bowls with lids (from Kate for Christmas)... They are the perfect size for saving leftover veggies or meat or cheese. I don't know what I did before I had them!

These are "nut bowls"... but I used them for tealight candle holders at my party with the eggs on the tables. The possibilities are endless!

Four of these juice glasses (also from Kate for Christmas)... one of them broke in her suitcase on the way here. I guess she forgot she could have purchased them online and shipped them.  She ALSO toted home a ginormous stuffed dog for Charlie from FAO.  She's notsosmert.

The bag on the left was a gift for Charlie from mom. It's his swim bag! How cute.  :)

Oven Mitt. Duh?

I also have these gorgeous, colorful little individual salt cellars.  I think that's what you call them?  They're crystal and I love them.  SO... go to Fishs Eddy to shop!  You will LOVE it.

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