The 1-2-3 of NYC or My First Guest Post!

I've been wanting to write about New York for quite some time now. Kate and I are often asked for suggestions on where to go, what to do, where to stay, what to eat, etc. We now have an official "I Heart NY" document that we send out about it! So when I saw "The Rebeccamendations" posted asking for a guest post about NYC, I knew I had to do it.

Go to her blog to check out MY blog today (and come back here and tell me what YOUR favorite spots are that I am missing!)

And here are some of my favorite NYC pics.  :)

(Who knows... just a pic somewhere. Think we were at Top of the Rock though. And it was COLD.)

(Same girl as the pic below with my grandparents?! I thought so from the minute I saw her!)

(BeckyLozier plus snow in her hair... dee-waitforit-saster.)

(Yay snow! We had just finished eating pizza and watching the Oscars at a restaurant, I believe.)

(Daniel's only trip with me to NYC for our 5 year anniversary!)

(He made me walk a VERY long way to the champagne boat tour)

(But then I had the champagne and I didn't care)

(On the champagne boat to see the waterfall installation. Very cool!)

(Fancy lunch!)

(In Brooklyn waiting for brunch)

(In Kate's apt... we promptly dumped these into roadie cups and took them around the corner to the AWESOME 24-hour hardware store... at 1am)

(Ceiling of Gilt in The Palace Hotel... amazing)

(From the stage at Radio City Music Hall)

(Same Girl?!)

(Kate and the city... from Brooklyn)

(Kate just said a bad word. Della pretended to be shocked.)

(Tulips outside The Plaza Hotel/Residences)


Unknown said...

HA... "Kate just said a bad word. Della pretended to be shocked."


I <3 NY

Lori said...

New York should be a must visit for everyone at least once. Thanks for sharing!

Notsopc said...

I went to NY once. Got there at 2:30 friday and left sunday morning.. We did and saw so much. I went with my daughter..One day we shall return..

Jan said...

I got home last night from taking 83 middle schoolers to NYC. The Rockette is definately the same girl who we posed w 3 yrs ago on our backstage tour. Seems to be her job. Ha! (we skipped that tour this time. )