Five Months

Dear Charlie (still known as Bean, Mister or any combination of Mister, Charlie and Bean),

You are five months old and such a little man... and a very sweet one. You study and watch everything, love to be outside, like to hear yourself talk, watch people (and possibly judge them), sleep a ton and anywhere and are very chill. Here are more things about you:

- Your favorite thing is sleeping. Your patterns are the same now as they were a month ago... a sleeping fool, I say. Next step... a full night's sleep! You still wake up once a night to eat and then go right back to sleep. I'm used to it and I know you will do it when you're ready. You're awesome in so many ways that I don't really stress about it... though I probably should try a little harder to get you to sleep all night. Oh well.

(This is your new face that I die over. Hilarious.)

- In the last couple weeks you have started chatting and giggling up a storm. My favorite thing in the world is to hear your belly laugh! You usually do it when you're a little "slap happy" and I startle you by saying "Bean" or "BOO" in your face. I do it over and over just to hear you laugh! I also that you are using your voice to make all sorts of noises. You go from low and growling to high pitched and squealing. It's the sweetest sound to this mama's ears.

- You still kick that left leg to make everything move. We have got to work on your fine motor skills... hanging out with baby Reese who is just two weeks older than you this weekend, she was WAY more coordinated! Maybe it's because you sleep all the time and have no time for practicing!!! Looking back on your four month post, you had just started SEEING your hands, so we are definitely making progress. "Literal Baby Steps" as your dad says. :)

(Chatting! You didn't get into the high pitched realm here... just some serious words for the camera!)

- You're working on rolling, but you don't like to be on your tummy much to practice. The best time for that is when you're hanging out with one of your MANY girlfriends and watching them! If Aves (good grief please post again!) is patting you on the head or BEA is rolling all over the place, you are entertained and just chill there watching them... and hopefully not judging!

(And there's your bald spot. Yay?)

- Oh what else... you still love to stand and you are much more stable now!

(I don't know WHAT is going on with this new mouth trick... I thought maybe you were feeling around in there for teeth, but I don't see any. And YES, that is a girl's outfit... Aves let you borrow it after your poopy disaster at her house yesterday!!)

- More than anything, you are just a delight to me. I can't wait for your huge smile and the shaking excitement that takes over your whole body when your dad gets home and I love that you look for me and wriggle around and grin at me when you are waking up. You are teaching me what unconditional love means and I'm loving every minute of it.



Liz said...

p.s. You also love books! I'm trying to read a few a day and your hands get so shaky and you are HYPED.

Unknown said...

I Die.


katie newton said...

AHHHHHHH!!! What a doll baby!!! I listened to him laughing at all your strange noises and was so entertained!!! :):) You are doing good mama... he's a keeper. Still coming back when I have some down time and reading the adoption posts... can't wait. :)


Jen (emsun.org) said...

Hahaha. I love those cute faces. You've got a sweet one!

sarah said...

Can't believe how big he's getting. Fun to see him interacting now... not a bump on a log anymore! Great job taking/posting videos. I'm already wishing I'd done more of that.

Kathryn said...

Love those pictures of Charlie! He's so precious.