Since I last posted a zillion things have happened:

- I had two baby showers... both were gorgeous and fun and I was so thankful for them.  Especially thankful that Kate got to come to town for five days to be at both!

- I turned 30 and got some amazing and thoughtful gifts to celebrate... an iPod from Daniel (mine was totally full), all my charms put on my charm bracelet from my parents including a new one (a house that represents this being a new chapter in my life as a homemaker), a Henri Bendel bracelet from Kate, a music box/picture frame from Ben for Buddy, a massage/facial from my grandparents, a mani/pedi from Xio and Brooke and an amazing photo album of our last 11 years of friendship from T-Rog, Bradley and Lynch.

- I had a birthday dinner with my fam at Sullivan's and it was wonderful.

- I had a birthday dinner in Austin with a few friends at Gloria's and it was wonderful.

- I shared a birthday brunch with my mother-in-law at my sister-in-law's house and IT was wonderful.

- MY HOUSE GOT FINISHED (on my actual birthday).  And THAT was the most wonderful of all.

- My aunt and cousin and BeckyLozier came this weekend and the entire house was turned upside down in a miraculous display of tidy attacking at a speed unknown to most humans.  It's amazing.  I can't wait to show you pictures of the "AFTER"... before Friday they will be up.

- Daniel and I celebrated SEVEN years of marriage yesterday.  We started the evening with him having to remove the frog that had been perched in my toilet all afternoon (yes) and with a possible broken A/C unit in our bedroom area... but once we got to dinner and attempted to forget about the mayhem that has followed us around (much like the Allstate insurance guy in the new commercials) the last two months, we enjoyed the evening.

- There was a frog in my toilet yesterday.  Did you see that in the last bulletpoint?  Just making sure.

- Glee comes back tonight.

That's all for now.  Sorry I have no fun pics for you of anything.


the blogivers said...

Whoa, big month for you! And next month is going to be even BIGGER!

Unknown said...

You have a bazillion pics from your Austin shower...use them! Ha! I kid. So glad you've had an amazing week. You deserve it! We love you.

Liz said...

I KNOW! T-Rog took a ton of pics. I will post some from both showers but I didn't have time today... I just wanted to post something! :)