I've posted a poll on the side of my blog.
Let us know if you think Buddy is a Boy or a Girl!
(Once you vote, you can scroll across under the poll to see the breakdown...
I made the answer options too long, OOPS!)

Here's a pic of my 28 week belly in case that helps:

And here's a pic of my 32 week belly in case THAT helps.

None of it helps me at all. I have zero instincts at this point. Which may be a not-so-great sign of things to come...  Yipes.


Shayla said...

How CUTE is your belly! I just voted GIRL. Can't wait to find out....(s)he will be here before you know it!

By the way, I love that you didn't find out the gender. Surprises are the best!

Unknown said...

Buddy had me so thrown off and I was for sure boy...now I'm kind of switching sides. All weekend I've been thinking girl. Mom said I'm throwing off her shower gift. :) ha ha. Can't wait to meet shim! XOXO

Keely Snyder Designs said...

I voted against my BOY instinct, and I'm commenting to cover my bases. So basically, I'm right either way.