The Money Pit - P.S.

The dishwasher was broken because the motor seized up from LACK OF USE.  I will never, ever, ever hear the end of that one.  Daniel now adds to the joke wondering what ELSE is broken in our house.  i.e. "if the dishwasher is broken, there is no WAY the oven still works."  haha Daniel... so funny.  But also probably very true.  Dang.


Also, and not nearly as funny as that... Daniel asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him we couldn't afford for him to buy me a present because... one hour before Daniel had to BE at his meeting in Dallas on Monday, he asked me if I'd packed his shoes.  My response, "no... you said they were in the trunk of your car. Oh. You said that on Saturday before you wore them to the wedding on Saturday. I'm going to DSW."  I was back in 25 minutes with two pairs of black shoes, a black belt (because that got left in his PANTS he wore to the wedding on Sunday) and a three pack of socks.  We ALSO couldn't find his cufflinks in Austin so he borrowed those from my dad.  And ended up borrowing Dad's belt, too. So... I can return most of the stuff, but I may be out a super-ultra-mega awesome 30th b-day present because of the $80 I spent on shoes that look exactly like the shoes he already has.  Dang.

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Jenni@Story of My Life said...

Glad to find another Austin blogger!! Thanks for making me laugh - I look forward to keeping up with you! :)