The Money Pit - Day 9 Update

First, the grandparents are home!!  They flew home with mom and dad today and are very thankful to be there.  Grand!Dad is in good spirits but still in some pain and Della is recovering slowly but surely.  Thank you for your prayers and concern for them!

And now... to update you on the demolition area called mi casa.  So when we first started out it was like, "yeah, we'll add the wet bar and seated bar off the dining room and do some paint and carpet in the guest bedrooms."

Now, THIS is what my living room looks like (as taken from outside in the carport with my hands over my head because I can't even see in the room).

THIS is what my dining room looks like.... and let me tell you when I looked through the back window to see this, I burst out laughing and couldn't stop.  Bennie was like... pull yourself together woman!

THIS is my kitchen and kitchen hallway... I got a call this morning from Augie while I was getting my blood drawn 4 times in 3 hours for the second glucose test (because I bombed the first one... go me)... asking if they could move all the furniture out of the living room so they could take down all the walls.  I didn't think this was coming for a couple more days.  So here we are!

And this is the trash pile (that decreased by half last weekend and increased by one million over the last couple days) in my backyard.

If you've gotten this far, I will now tell you that the REAL joy of the last week/weekend was the discovery of a flock, fleet, colony, pack of bees living in the eaves of the house.  Truly there were hundreds of them.  If I wasn't so UNinclined, I would have taken pictures of all the dead ones covering the windowsills and floors after the guys sprayed the hayell out of them.  The guys were stung multiple times each and I pulled out the pregnancy card for the first time to get the pest people to the house.

ALSO, the reason we decided to tear down ALL the walls and ceilings is that we keep discovering small pods (are there more "group" words out there I should know?!) of termites in the old wood around the windows.  SO we are tearing all that wood out and starting anew.  ANEW I say.

I'm sure there's more to tell you... like the fact that Augie is "grounding" every outlet/switch in the house right now because they were not "grounded" before.  Or that there are 6 men here right now and about to be 7.  Or that soon we are replacing half the air ducts in the ceiling because they aren't really ducts but rather pieces of wood put together as "ducts."  So many THINGS happening.  And Daniel chose this week to give up his weekday wine consumption.  Poor Dandoo.


Unknown said...


That is all.

sarah said...

Hmmm. Not sure what to say... looks like a mess right now, but I can't wait to see the "after" pics!

I hope there are no more "surprises," insect or otherwise.

Lea Arnold said...

WOW! What a job!! You make me mildly nervous to start doing things like these to our house... as I see the same types of things happening when we do. :) Hopefully not bees or termites, but definitely adding more and more to it as we go :)
Maybe Daniel should try wine though, it's so good, I'd have some if I could and I bet you would too :)