Update on the G-Rents

CT Scan results came back from this morning and Della's brain has a little more swelling but there isn't any change to the blood clot... so that's good news!  She's going to get up a little bit today and we'll see how that goes.  But her pain is much improved.

G-Man (the other name for Grand!Dad) is feeling a little better today.  His hands hurt the most because he was holding the steering wheel on the top and they slammed into the roof when the airbag opened.  But he got new glasses (his were totally smashed) and is doing okay.

Thank you for praying for them!!!  I know that's everything we can do and the more prayer the better.  :)

On the house front, we are dealing with bees and termites in the house (AWESOME! Bees. In. The. House.) and are waiting on the pest people to get here to tell us how long THAT will take to deal with.  In the meantime, Augie is getting hyped and moving the air ducting into the ceiling (previously it was exposed in the pantry and uuuuuu-gly) and we are framing out the new pantry and building the seated bar!  All I hear is very fast Spanish mixed in with random english words like "fruit punch" (which I supply on a daily basis) and "2x4" and "breakfast".  So... it's all good.

I found the carpet I want today and now I just have to choose the color... easier said than done since I'm choosing from an "Enlightenment" pattern.  And the selection of colors are things like "epic", "grammy", "teen" and "glee".  OH WAIT.  I think I just decided!!! GLEE for my carpet color.  It's like a Christmas miracle just happened. (Kind of how I decided my trim color in my bathroom based on the name more than the color.  I mean, it's white... how do you decide on a white?  What's it called, you ask... TEQUILA.)

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Lea Arnold said...

You are too funny!!

Glad your grandparents are doing better!