The Money Pit - Day 5/6 Update

(FYI: This is so long that I almost went to sleep re-reading it.  May be best as your night night time literature.  But please do read the last part!  It's important.)

There's not a heck of a lot to tell you about the house in the last two days... Here's a laundry list then a few other goings ons to tell you about:

- There are walls up in the wet bar and all the outlets and light setup and plumbing is totally ready to go in there!  Awesome!
- My mom gave me some sconces she had to put on either side of the bar windows and a piece was missing... I went to a lamp shop and was going to get them fixed when I had the brilliant idea that a piece of PVC pipe might work just as well... so I found the right size and am going to have two brand new sconces for a grand total of $2.55.  Thanks, Momma!
- I'm working on figuring out lighting for the wet bar/dining room/seated bar area.  It's a little tricky trying to be a little modern and also fit in with the old house feel and also not break the bank... I'm working on it.
- The old pantry and dining room closet are gone.  The dining room closet space will become the new pantry and it's about a foot wider than the old pantry... so that's exciting.
- They've ripped out the walls and ceiling in the guest bedroom so that prep is getting done.
- This is a lot of words.  I've bored myself to tears.  NEXT...

Wait.  The laundry list can't be complete without telling you that I was texting Daniel information about different carpets and how I was liking one that was cheaper and I was proud and he said "$350 isn't really going to make a big difference in the scheme of the house."  I said, "yes, but if I let myself go over on every things, it will be no bueno in the end."  His text:  You're a good quarterback! :)   WHOOT!

Oh, and ALSO it excited me to see that someone, someday decided that THIS was the best paint color for one of their bedrooms.  Seafoam green is what we call this colour, I believe.  Yes, colour.

Also, I had a doctor's appt this morning and did my glucola test.  I was prepared to be gagging over the orange stuff but it really wasn't bad.  Kinda good actually.  When she went to listen to Buddy's heart, (s)he was moving a lot and she said, "Oh, well good morning to you!" and then when we heard the heartbeat, we also heard hiccups.  I still can't feel them, but I thought that was fun.

And later in the afternoon, I was sitting on my bed (excuse me, box springs and mattress on the floor) and for like 15 minutes I was just watching my stomach and giggling.  Buddy was moving so much it was pounding out of my stomach and even moving my body with it.  Like shifting my back against my pillows.  It felt like there were some caterpillar dance moves going on in there or something.  It was awesome.

\/\/\/\/\/\/  This is the part you need to read  \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
Lastly, the not so fun news of the day... my grandparents (dad's side) were on the first leg of their road trip to Colorado and got in a pretty bad accident in Lubbock.  They are both fine... Grand!Dad (as he likes us to say... WITH the exclamation point) has a lot of bruises and cuts but no broken bones.  He was released from the hospital and is moving around fine with a LOT of soreness.  Grandma Della is a little worse off.  She's still in the hospital with a small blood clot on her brain and some bruising on her brain which is giving her severe headaches and nausea, but so far they say she's doing okay.  Mom even texted today and said that she's feeling much better after some good rest this afternoon.  So, my parents flew to Lubbock and will be there with them and fly home with them in the next few days.  Please pray for their healing and comfort and peace of mind.  They absolutely love road trips and I'm sure this was scary for them.

(Yes, we forced them to take a picture with the Rockette on our Girls & Grandparents trip to NYC this spring...)
(...crazy thing is that it's the SAME Rockette from when Kate, Mom and I went on the tour in 2007!)

Well, that's all for today.  Hopefully, I'll have some good pics and news to share by the end of the weekend.  Insulation around the duct work, adding walls back to the pantry, adding walls are all coming up.  And hopefully after NEXT week, we'll have some FUN things to show!

Pray for my grandparents please.  :)


Katrina said...

so sorry about your grandparents friend. Praying they heal quickly.

I also think the Rockette aged well and looks better in the second picture...

Unknown said...

Leave it to you to make me laugh when I'm crying. I'm so sorry about your grandparents. I got your e-mail last night and certainly have them in my prayers. I did laugh outloud that you have a picture with the same Rockette and would love to have known when you figured that out!

So excited you got to see Buddy! I can't wait to meet shim. Praying for Della and Grandad!

Liz said...

T-Rog, I knew the SECOND I saw her that it was the same girl! That's why I forced the g-rents to take a pic with her! How insane is that that I remembered?!

Carrie Benee said...

You know that most of the time those Rockettes are hired to just take pictures and give tours of Radio City Music Hall. Usually they like to switch the girls out, so it's very rare you make the line 2 years in a row, so once you have been one and you don't make it the second year they hire you for the pictures/tours. It's a very strange world, but that's probably why you saw her twice:) That's my random piece of info. for the day!