The Money Pit - Day 4 Update

Today, a few good things happened.  I will just list them out for you.

1.  I got to see the guys wearing these outfits as they pulled down the rest of the walls and the ceiling down in my dining room.  I don't know that Bennie was too thrilled that I was taking his picture, but you can see him smiling even under that pink alien mask!

1a.  (Originally, this was part of 1... but the fact that it was humanly possible to do what I'm about to tell you deserves it's own sub-point AT LEAST.)  For my part, I somehow managed to nap through about an hour and fifteen minutes of this noise (sounded like warring ROUSs slamming around in my dining room)... mostly due to the complete exhaustion but also because I turned on a noise machine, put in earplugs and slept with a pillow over my head.  Now THAT is a dedication to napping, people.

ROUS... for your reference.  You're lucky I didn't make this an X-Large picture.

After about 6 hours of this insane pounding and sweating and being covered in nastiness, they took me up on my offer to borrow some of Daniel's t-shirts... it was funny to see Gollo walking around in Daniel's Chuy's t-shirt.  I also gave them a pair of corduroy pants that were headed for Goodwill and they cut them up to make rags to get the tiny fiberglass particles off their skin.

2.  I got to see two of my fave gals during lunch!  

She loved the singing/flashing sun for like 6 minutes and then she hated it.
Avery looks like a Super Monster burrito when she's all swaddled up!

3.  We have the framework up for the bar and all the electrical in place so tomorrow (hopefully) we can put up walls and start installing light switches, outlets and all that jazz.

SWEET!!!  I got hyped when I finally got around the trash piles to peek in through the outside window.  Today, the guys didn't even bother with the doors... they just crawled in and out of the dining room window!  This is what's stacked up outside right now.  I'm thinking they'll haul off on Fridays.

4.  I got a new mascara to try (Kate loves this stuff) and some new Sharpie pens.  I figure if I'm going to be SO dedicated to my notebook and my spreadsheets, I deserve some fresh pens.  Right? 

5.  HYPED because tomorrow we tear out the pantry and the other closet in the dining room to make space for a seated bar and a new pantry.  I will post pictures and my sketch for what I'm thinking it will look like tomorrow.

Gotta run.  Got some numbas to plug into the spreadsheet!


sarah said...

Looking forward to seeing that sheetrock go up and get a better sense of what it looks like. What a great feature to have!

How long have y'all been planning the big reno?

Liz said...

We've been talking about it just for a few months and more seriously since baby came on board! But we just got really serious about it like 6 weeks ago. And now it's going full force!

Katie Norwood said...

Love the random nature of this post: demolition, napping, ROUSs, trash, baby Avery, mascara, and sharpie pens. A day in the life of The Loj....one can only hope to be this lucky.

Unknown said...

I'm so stinkin jealous you spent the day with Bradley and Aves! SO fun! Y'all don't forget about little ol' me now ya hear?

LOVE Sharpie pens with everything in me. Best $5 you'll ever spend! Well, that and your first happy hour margarita once Buddy's evicted. LYMI.

Beth LoSurdo said...

I heart sharpie pens...they are the BEST. Definitely going to have to try the mascara. Can't wait to see more of the renovations! So fun! :)

Katrina said...

I love finally deciding to do a home renovation that has been in the "talking stage" for months. It is so satisfying. I cannot wait to see the pics when it is all done!!