TheMoneyPit - Day 3 Update

We are actually unofficially on Day 5 right now because Augie (really Augustine, the amazing HVAC/Plumber/Electrician man who we learned yesterday is part Cuban and part Chinese... and part Hank Azaria in "The Birdcage") jackhammered for multiple hours on both Saturday and Sunday.  But we'll go by Martin time and that means Day 3.

It's hard to get REALLY excited yet about things because at this point they're doing all the background work... i.e. plumbing, electric, putting in posts for the new walls, etc.  But you can definitely see some progress!

I posted the bar tile and sink I purchased and I told you about the economic $98 faucet I was getting... but then we learned that we weren't going to have hot water in the bar (and we don't really need it) so we didn't need a two handle faucet.  And there was one I loved and Daniel liked it.  So we got it.  And I think I'm in love with an appliance.  Now, we're just gonna hope it is functional.  :)

Also, since we can't do the "leveling" of the house, we have been brainstorming ways to make it seem less tilted and we're visually hoping to do that by adding a small island in the middle of the kitchen.  We're already adding a seated bar, but this will give me more counter space (because I have almost as much counter space as my sister... see the pic of her apt "kitchen" below) and drawers and another small seating area!  I think I'm going to do a light stain on the top and I've got to figure out what color to paint the base.  Island is from Furniture in the Raw and I got an extra $55 off because it was the floor model.  Whoot!

In order to show Daniel that it would fit, I taped off the kitchen today and texted him a pic.  Thank you, technology for allowing me to spend money faster than the average bear.

(Kate's "kitchen" where she frequently serves up gourmet... wine?)

I guess the only thing left to show you is how we are living in the midst of all this.  Thankfully, the shed is holding ALL of the furniture and a ton of other stuff from the front two bedrooms and we checked after the storm today and no rain got in!  The REST of the stuff... in our bedroom.  Why yes, that IS box springs and a mattress set up on the floor of our room.  Thank you so much for asking!

(I posted this one in the large size so you can click through to see some of the wonderous details... i.e. a ginormous Kermit the Frog holding a throw pillow.  And a Christmas moose atop my bookshelf.  You know, good stuff like that.)

Do y'all even care about any of this?  Is anyone out there listening?  Papa can you heeeeear meeeeee?  

Let me know if you care to read by leaving a comment on this one post.  Because I can certainly spend my time working on my elaborate spreadsheets that Dandoo is making me keep... and that I now secretly/publicly adore.  Almost... ALMOST as much as my faucet.


Beth LoSurdo said...

I love it liz!! Keep it coming! :) I have been checking in every day to watch the progress and of course read your hilarious commentary on faucets and such :) love you!

sarah said...

I'm here! I thoroughly enjoy your posts, and I'm living vicariously through you. I have a long laundry list of things I'd love to do to our house that aren't even near the undertaking y'all are doing, but I feel like they'll never happen. You're actually DOING stuff!
By the way, I love your bedroom. It's so big, and the built-ins are such a pretty feature.
Send my love to Augie. :)

Unknown said...

I love that you ended this with "papa can you hear me?" Because I say that to sals all the time..."Sissy can you hear meeeee?" ha ha.

Liz said...

Ha. Thanks, Sarah! Y'all did the awesome patio outside with the trellis and all that. And you did it yourselves! That's WAY impressive. Augie just came back in and is calling me Lizzie... so I think we're one step away from Be- Fri- necklaces. (He get's the -st -end, obviously).

katie newton said...

LOL!!! I am loving your progress... and am also living through you. We picked up a wooden swing out of someone's dump pile on the curb, brought it home, spent 2 hours sanding it (I wanted to paint it turquoise), and Jordan said "this is stupid, the paints never going to all come off." and so we stopped and its still sitting on our deck mocking us.

And its a swing.

So please continue with your updates!! I love it!! :)

Liz said...

Girl, you gotta borrow an electric sander or just forget the sanding and spray primer over it then spray paint it. It's going to be outdoors anyways... doesn't have to be perfect!

I tried to HAND sand the windowsills of a like 50 year old house one time. There were at least 6 layers of paint. I couldn't move my arms for a week. Then they rented an electric sander the day after I left. I sucked at that job... a robot replaced me. Miz.

Unknown said...

Everything is looking great!! I love the progress pictures. Are you doing something in your bedroom?

Liz said...

Nothing in the bedroom... except painting/changing a couple doors. It's the only spot that is NOT being worked on though!

kate said...

how about you not compare your 3 bedroom home to my 650 sq ft shoe box. i use my kitchen for cooking things. and by that i mean, i stand in it and order chinese. tadaa!

looks great! can't wait to see everything in person! jhyesss jhyessss.

Lea Arnold said...

I'm here, although a day late, enjoying reading about your house mess, wondering if I think it would be a good idea to do :)
I can't believe you aren't wanting to wear a mask also if there is yummy rat poop falling from the ceiling ;-)

Liz said...

Well... it's not as bad as I'm making it sound, honestly truly! I haven't been in contact with any of it! :)