TheMoneyPit - Day 2 Update

Yesterday, they finished the shed!  It took three men (who work in construction for a living) fifteen hours to build it.  There were over 2,000 screws and they had to build a platform for the shed to sit on.  No way Daniel could have done it himself.  I hated that it took that long and cost more money, but it's DONE and we can move on.

While the shed took fifteen hours, it took a little over an hour for them to rip out the half bath/closet to make the space for the wet bar.  We've decided that we'll have an ice maker (that my parents gave us when they upgraded to a "Sonic" ice maker) and a sink and then do some small open cabinets in there where I can store a bunch of my dishes.  I'm loving the idea and can't wait to show you more when we get going!  We are going to have an arched opening on the left and a pass through window to the right of the opening.  Mom also gave me two sconces that I'm hoping will fit perfectly on either side of the window.

(Before... no, that's NOT my table cloth. It's a protective covering thankyouverymuch)

(After... slightly different angle)

I also found the tile that we'll use on the countertop in the bar.  I had seen some I liked at Lowe's and it was $11 a square foot... then I went to Floor & Decor and found this stuff that I like better for $4.50 a square foot!  Yesssss! And I think this is the sink I'm going to use in the bar (on sale for $78 plus the faucet I like is one of the cheapest out there at $98.  As Daniel likes to say, "you're a bargain shopper, baby."  Why yes, yes I am).  I love the color with the brown sparkly tile and that it sits on top of the counter.

The bad news of the day yesterday was when the HVAC/Plumber/Electrician (Augustine is his name... he reminds me of Hank Azaria in "The Birdcage". A LOT) came in to look at water lines and stuck his head up in the attic and determined two things.  One, something has eaten through our air ducts and the attic is a breezy 75ish degrees right now.  Two, that something is still living up there... he thinks it's a raccoon.  You know how I love me some wildlife in my house.  Augie (no, he did not authorize that nickname) asked Daniel if he had something to catch it with and Daniel said, "no, but I have a shotgun."  I'll let you know how this all turns out.

(This picture is for Kate.)

Finally, I'm loving Martin (the main contractor). We went to Lowe's, Home Depot, Floor & Decor and back to Lowe's today and he was helping look for the best prices on stuff and wanted me to take my time and find the things I really wanted.  We also high-fived when we found out we can get a great price on new windows that almost fit the spaces we've got.  And he bought me lunch at Mighty Fine even though he told me his wife was going to be mad that he went without her.  He said, "she likes to go to some shoe place in here (DSW, Whoot!) and is always trying to get me to go and come here to eat.  Now she's gonna be maaaaad."

Today, Augustine comes to work.  Tomorrow, Ben and Daniel take all the stuff out of the front bedrooms to the NEW SHED.  The lady comes to pick up the bedroom set we sold.  And we go order windows.  The balls they are a-rolling!

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kate said...

omg that raccoon i literally DIED.