The Money Pit - Day 11 Update

As Dennis Quaid's unloved girlfriend in the amazing movie "Twister" would say, "You just gotta breathe, Julia... We got cows."  And that's how I need you to picture me saying it when I say, "You just gotta breathe, Daniel... We got walls."

There aren't many walls... but they're goodies.  We raised the doorways (and increased the width of the dining room one and decreased the width of the kitchen one) and added arches to the doorway between the living room and the dining room/kitchen.  I LOVE how the room feels with those taller spaces and the arches!!  I think it's awesome.

(Before to the kitchen)
(Before to the dining room)

Now!  And we also added three can lights to the ceiling above the doorways.... you could tell how dark it was in there in the evening in my "before" pics.  And that wasn't even late in the day.  They don't flood the room with light as I was hoping they would, but it is definitely an improvement!  It's kind of hard to tell how it feels with all of my furniture stacked in the middle of the room.  But it's awesome.  Believe you me.

They also took out the floor tile in the front bathroom.  The wall/counter/tub tile is still peach, but the really dirty peach tile is out.  The jackhammering is still going on though.  Love.  Makes the bees HYPED.

Speaking of bees... we pulled out a trashbag FULL of honeycomb out of the eaves in the front of our house last night.  I use the term "we" extremely loosely.  I didn't really get pics because I didn't want to get near all the bees still swarming around, but the ABC Pest guy came out AGAIN today and thinks they're going to be gone very soon.  

I'm working on lighting for the dining room, seated bar and wet bar.  I THINK I've finally got it.  I was going to do a chandie (yep... a chandie) in the dining room but costs are prohibiting and I'm not finding one I love PLUS Daniel doesn't really like them PLUS we like to move the furniture around in there and people often end up walking straight into the chandie.  SO... we're doing cans.  And I've got sconces that BeckyLozier gave me to put on either side of the wet bar pass through.

Yes, that's my unmade bed-on-the-floor.  It's been made EVERY other day, but it's full of lights and boxes and cameras and stuff today that were laid on there at 8AM and I haven't had the heart to move them.

SO... for the seated bar light, I think I'm going to use this thing with lampshades that mirror the sconce ones AND spray paint the metal a brushed gold to match.  WHOO-DE-WHOOO.
That's the glass on the right.  Definitely not as fancy as the BeckyLozier ones, but it serves it's purpose!

And this is the light I'm thinking of in the wet bar right now... I don't know that I'm 100% sold on this exact one, but I definitely like the idea of doing one fixture with multiple lights that can be adjusted to point around the space.

Also working on lights and mirrors for the front bathroom... those are a work in progress and I'm going to Hobby Lobby RIGHT THIS MINUTE to look for mirrors.  I wish we had a HomeGoods store here.  Isn't that the one with all the good lamps and stuff?  I feel like I could find mirrors there.  But, no matter.  I will prevail!

AND the windows are in!  We are replacing all the "windows" that are currently in the front part of our house.  These new ones will actually have two panes and will open on command!  It's like a Christmas Miracle is happening daily in this house, I tell you.

That's all for now.  More tomorrow or Saturday!  OOO-OOOO.  (Watch the link please.  Just do it.)


Unknown said...

It looks awesome! Love the arched doorways!! You have walls...WHOOP!

Shayla said...

What a great transformation already! I can't wait to see the finished product.