The Money Pit - Day 17 Update

I've been absentee for a few days because there hasn't been a ton to show you.  It's hard to really show-off a new A/C Duct System or a brand new electrical rewiring of the whole house or new can lights.  But last time I did show you two walls... and this time we have a lot more.  In fact, we're only missing walls on the pantry in the kitchen, half of the guest bedroom and half of the baby closet.  Oh and the hall.  Ok so that's a lot of missing walls.  But I was promised they are coming on Monday!

AND we started the "mudding" (aka taping and floating) process today, too.  I thought that wasn't coming until next week so I'm glad about that!

OH.  And we have all new windows in the front of the house!  I KNOW you will think "if I were you, I would've done white trim on my windows"... but when you see them fixed with the front of the house, you'll see why we didn't.  The stone isn't really conducive to the really cute, Pottery Barn white window with blue paint and a red front door look.  I WISH it was... but it ain't.

SO... here are some pics.

Living Room from the Kitchen
Main Window, Living Room from the Kitchen
Entryways to Kitchen and Dining Room
Dining Room & Wet Bar from the Kitchen... that fruit punch stained wood will be the seated bar.

Side Note: Gollo LOVES him some fruit punch.  Also, I've made the guys cookies... and by "made" I mean plopped onto a sheet from a tub (but this is still sacrificial because I can't eat a cookie because of my dumb gestational diabetes)... a few times and I make Gollo fruit punch every couple days.  He lufs it.

There will be a china cabinet on that big open wall so it won't feel weird.
To the Living Room from the corner of the Dining Room
Newly closed in hallway from the baby's room.  I'm going to put my antique pie safe in that corner and keep toys in it.  I'll probably have a little round rug in this space and let it be a play space extension from the baby's room.
Hallway from the guest bathroom
Baby's room.  Excuse me... BUDDY'S room.  Buddy has a name, you know.
Now here's where we still need a LOT of work... this bathroom is getting new tile, a new window (those block windows that let in light but you can't see through so we don't have to put shades on), cabinets are being stripped and repainted, new hardware, new light fixtures, new mirrors.  The whole shebang, peeps.  Ok the peach tile is staying... but I think it's going to be nice and retro once we get the other stuff fixed.
Now here's one weird thing that I don't understand WHY we (and by "we", I mean the workers) did this... the right switch is the middle light in the dining room, the middle switch is the four outside cans in the dining room and the far left switch is the seated bar light.  I think I'm going to ask them to switch the left and right switches.  SWITCH THE SWITCHES!  I just had this idea when I was typing.  We'll see how much they yell about it.  But I'm thinking it's happening.  Thanks blog for making this idea possible.
What else, hmm... I have a "triumphs and tragedies" or "wins and losses" blog coming.  I'm keeping track of the goods and bads of this process (and other things going on in life during this process) and I'll let you know when all is said and done.

As they say in "The Money Pit"... TWO WEEKS.

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katie newton said...

LOVES IT!!! They are really making great progress!!! I know it feels so stinkin' slow to you, but I am amazed! I can't wait to see everything!! And you are going to love having that play space for buddy that is out in the open... toys wind up all over your house, so it will be great to keep them in that corner... :)

thanks for the update friend!!!