The Money Pit

You know the glorious Tom Hanks/Shelley Long movie, The Money Pit?  One of the greatest movies ever?  Well, I'm embarking on that journey in my own life today.

Tino, Gollo (pronounced Goyo... you might as well get it right because we're gonna talk about it a lot over the next few days) and Bennie showed up this morning and are currently out back building the new shed.  Daniel was like, "yeah, I can build that."  And I was like, "yes... or we could have the professionals do it since they'll already be here."  And then he was happy.  And then I was happy.  (Update: Tino and Gollo just walked in and said that there are about 2,000 screws in the shed kit and they believe they can finish today but they have to get plywood at Lowe's to "build a platform" for it to sit on.  Can we imagine Daniel trying to do this project solo?  No, we can't.)

Following that accomplishment, they will come in and tear out the walls between the half bath and the closet in the dining room.  If you've been in our house, you may not have even SEEN the illustrious half bath.  It has padded, vinyl walls and we've been using it for storage of Daniel's hunting gear, space heaters and our vacuum cleaner.  And that should tell you about all you need to know.  Oh except that, also, I have never ever seen that "above the toilet" cabinet thing until I just put this picture here.

This is the closet in our dining room.  Until about 2 months ago, it was being used for Christmas storage.  But then, the miracle that we call BeckyLozier came and we converted it into a china closet (and I forgot to take a picture of that before the miracle swooped back in and helped me PACK the china closet she'd just created).  

So, the half bath plus the closet will merge into one and become a 88" x 55" wet bar area.  Because, you know, we have a baby coming so we need a wet bar.  FIRST. AND. FOREMOST.

I will let you know how the day goes and what we're working on tomorrow when we get there.  WHOOT!

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Schulz Sightings said...

hilarious. actually, you have a point, you have a baby coming. you DO need a wet bar :) I should have thought of that years ago!