A Letter to My Unborn Child... (no, seriously)

Dear Buddy,

I should have been keeping a journal over the last 5 months detailing my thoughts and feelings and prayers from the minute I found out about you... but I haven't.  So instead here are some things to tell you so far:

You make me nervous.  I didn't really think you would at first because I was so excited... but after the first appointment with the doctor (when she told us you might not exist), the nerves set in.  And they set in more for your Dad than for me.  He hasn't kicked it ever since!  And now, there were a few days there where you weren't kicking and you made me nervous again.  I prayed for some kicking (or some peace if you didn't start kicking again) and the kicking started a couple days later.  And just this morning, I felt you on BOTH sides of my stomach at the same time.  Are you already long enough to reach both sides of my stomach at the same time?  AND to punch/kick simultaneously?!  You are so coordinated.

How you looked at your halfway mark.  You. Are. Cute.

You are frustrating.  I keep telling your Dad about your kicking and how I can even SEE my belly move and as soon as he gets over here to feel it, you stop.  Buddy... keep kicking.  Your Dad thinks you don't love him!

Buddy, you can't NOT love this guy.  Start kickin' and show him the love.

You are a conversation starter.  Whether we're talking about your name (it will NOT be Eleanor or Eloise or Lillian or Max) or your nursery (dude, it's COLORFUL) or your granddad's "name" (J.i.am, like Will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas or Grumpy or Big Chief)... it's definitely all about you these days.  And we're all okay with that!

The full bed in your room... except the walls will be brown and that striped fabric on the bed will be the bed skirt.

You are weird and pregnancy is gross.  This is what your Aunt Kate always says.  I'm afraid to tell you... she's probably right.  But at least she didn't say YOU were gross!  (And she's weird, too.  Really weird.  So don't let it getcha down.)

See. Told ya.

You cause weird dreams.  And a LOT of them.

You are loved.  Man, when I even THINK about the second I'm going to get to meet you, I feel the tears welling up.  Seriously, even writing this right now I can't hardly stand it!  Whether you put me through 24 hours of labor or do horrifying things to my body during that time... or before (yes, I'm using stretch mark stuff and there's no way it's going to help but I'm pretending it will).  Or if that process makes your dad pass out in the delivery room (it'll happen.  I'll put money on it.)  Or if you weigh 10 lbs 12 ozs like your dad... Lordy, Lordy.  Or if you're a boy or girl.  Or if you have medical problems.  Or if you won't eat and you stress me out.  Or if you come out singing Glee tunes.  I already love you and I can't imagine that will do anything but grow in the next few months.

You make me forget stuff.  Not really... because I don't blame things on "baby brain" and I actually have been remembering things a lot better than normal... but I'm sure there are other things I should put in here, but this is long and I'll write you again before you're born.



Unknown said...

I'm literally crying. Crying from tears and laughter! You're a mom. Daniel is a dad. I'm breathing into a paper bag.

But truthfully, you will be such a great mother and I cannot wait to see you in action! We'll sing and dance for Buddy and we will have so much fun with shim. :)

This note is so precious and shows just a glimpse of the love Buddy will receive when we get to meet him/her. Love the pictures of Dan-doo! Cracking me up...he's a mess! And Katherine...oh goodness. LYMI.

You.are.a.mom. I love it and I love you.

kate said...

burst into tears. i love you, budlet. come soon pleeeeeease (but not too soon).

Lea Arnold said...

You're so cute!!

I bet little buddy will finally kick for Daniel, both of mine took forever -- at the very end when you are huger than huge, there's just no hiding any longer from any one :)

You're going to be such a great mommy :)

Schulz Sightings said...

oh, i love it! You are going to be a GREAT mom. We'll work with Daniel along the way... What fun to have another cousin!! One more child for the girls to "love on", and make do stuff, and carry around. Preston was running around in some old taffeta dress of from the dress up bin. Big things in store for buddy. Thank you lucy.
We love you already buddy, glad we are all so close now!!

katie newton said...

such a precious note... i love your openness!!! pregnancy is scary, and frustrating, and awesome and amazing and every word you could ever thing of!!! THEN baby arrives and you'll never believe it, but every one of those emotions grows a hundred times BIGGER!!! :):)

Love you friend, and I'm so freakin' HYPED about "shim"!!! :):):) You guys are going to be amazing parents!!

Katie Norwood said...

Oh don't mind me... I'm just sitting here crying!!! I love this - it's so YOU. It is a sign of the apocolypse, maybe, but you're going to be responsible for a small child. And you're going to do a great job.

aidkaid19 said...

i am in love with this post. :) its so fabulous. and i cant wait to see you as the wonderful mom i know you'll be <3

uhh and why am i not on your friends list. kthx.

Kate said...

You.are.precious. I love this! You will love looking back at this over the years. This is awesome!

The Bradens said...

You are the best. And seriously, reding this made me cry for meeting my own babies for the first time. You are going to get the bestest momma ever. Wish I could be there to walk through it with you. Hugs, friend!

Vicki said...

Ahh..so sweet. Buddy is one lucky it! You have no idea how quickly you will lose your heart and never be the same. I can't wait to watch you girls raise your chicks. Each day a gift, I hope we share a bunch. I love you much Mama Loj.