I know I haven't posted in awhile and this isn't anything SUPER spectacular... but I just wanted you to all see the end result of a little "competition" I had with my sister to see who could create the better ncaa tourney bracket.

Let's keep in mind that Kate played basketball in high school, her one true love is the MAVS, her favorite day of the week is "SI Wednesday"(that is it WAS until her subscription was recently cancelled by higher authority, our parents, without any prior notice and she ALMOST burst into tears), she tries to get in at least one good "sports cry" per day, her favorite 4 minutes of TV a year is "One Shining Moment" AND... this is the kicker... she WORKS FOR THE NBA.

And she lost. And her profile picture today is the result of that loss. Please befriend her on facebook and let her know about it. :)


Jenn Cali Style said...

I LOVE that you made a post about this lol

katie newton said...

Loves it!!!!! I think you should make her a t-shirt of this pic for Christmas... or maybe Easter! :) GO LIZ!!!! Did you win any money?? Also, please try to keep your blog more up to date- its kind of getting out of control.

Liz said...

Jenn - OBVIOUSLY! I had to figure out as many avenues as possible to show that picture in the 24 hours it was up.

Katie - MMM... How about a MOUSEPAD?!??! That sounds like a good idea. No money this year because everyone is poor. But I did also win a care package from my sister (that will arrive tomorrow) and a choice of date with my husband. I might choose putt putt... because he will NEVER go with me!!!

Becky said...

this is hilarious!! congrats!