Ode to T-Rog

Dearest Princess
You shine as brightly
As the sun

Your hair is red
Your cheeks are pink
You make me laugh
You make me think

A better friend
You cannot find
Than one who is
The T-Rog kind

A girl who’s Smart
And Fun AND Pretty
One who’s as Wise
As she is Witty

A T-Rog takes pics
Like it’s her biz
The only thing to know is
She is the shiz

Happiest Birthday to
My Buddy, My Pal
You deserve the very best
You’re one heck of a gal!


Unknown said...

Dr. Seuss, you make me smile! Thank you so much! Love you!

allison said...

Oh yes you did.. and I bet that took you like 30 seconds to think up. Yay for celebrating TROG tomorrow!

Sarah D. said...

Love it, the Loj!

Liz said...

And it was Dr. Seuss' birthday two days ago! How fitting.

katie newton said...

AMEN! :)

Chopsticks and Pearls said...


Katrina said...

Even though this was perfect...I would like to see something in iambic pentameter next time. :)

Liz said...

Ha, Katrina. Next time I will stick with a haiku maybe.

T-Rog is awesome
Her friendship means much to me
Red hair and Red @$$

Liz said...

obviously the @$$ has to do with Aggies.... though T-Rog isn't really that much of an aggie fan.... it just worked.

Katrina said...

I guess that will do...