Eight Months.

Dear Charlie,

Oh goodness, what has happened this month? A LOT now that I think about it!

- First, I have to come clean and state this for the record. I don't think you're ever going to be a Mama's Boy. You love me and we are tight. But when your dad comes home, or walks in the room, or even turns to look at you and say hi... you freak out. You can't even eat your food if he's in the next room because you have to turn and watch him and wait for him to look at you so you can laugh at him. You grin at him, giggle, "talk" to him, wave your arms. You LOVE your dad and it's more obvious every day. I think it's awesome.

- You are a great sitter. You can't get back up when you fall over and you still do your pilates "reverse Superman" move (or whatever it is) when you fall down. But you can sit for a really long time and play. This makes a mama VERY happy.

- Uh, paper is hilarious?

- Oh Mylanta, you HATE when I try to get boogs out. And you are strong enough that it's basically impossible for me to do... you shake your head back and forth and grab my hands and push them away. It's kind of funny actually. You also won't let me put my finger in your mouth... see...

- In the last week you've gotten two teeth! I didn't even know they were coming, and out they popped! You've been a tad grumpy, but I really wouldn't have known. You haven't even drooled at all... yet. Thanks for being a rockstar.

- You attended your first 1st Birthday party for Miss Aves... it was one for the books and one I will never be able to rival! (That was the day your got your first tooth). Today is when the second popped out (so technically this wouldn't belong in last month's update. Whatever.)

I mean... HYPED. First kid in, last kid out.

- You had your first weekend away from Mom and Dad as I went to New York and Dad had a relaxing weekend at home golfing and hanging out with friends... you loved staying with your B and "Pop" (final granddad name TBD). I got many pictures of your smiling face though you didn't understand Skyping when we tried that a couple times. Very confusing, I know. You even had a fun babysitter... my friend Casey and her sister, Lisa. You had so much fun with them!  On the way home (our first round trip drive just the two of us, we had to stop four times in an hour because you were wailing and I didn't know what was wrong. THAT wasn't fun.)

Looking at B putting on her pool hat. Crazy lady! (Apparently he did NOT like the closet... got freaked out at the clean, white carpet, I suppose!)

Watching Glee with Pop on Father's Day!

I mean... she's a wack-a-doo.

- You got a high chair and you LOVE being in it. You also sat in a high chair at restaurants for the first time... and have a few times. We have to prop you up a little, but you are okay with it as long as you have a menu to read.

- We confirmed your love for water at the splash pad at the Domain and at Avery's birthday party. Water splashing in your face give you the giggles!

- You easily dropped your swaddle blanket when I decided to not put it on you one night. Now you just tug on your PJs or shirt and roll from side to side until you land in one comfy spot. Still no security blanket or binky needed! Yay.

- Mirrors are absolutely hilarious to you... and me. You sit in front of one and either kiss yourself or smack your forehead onto your forehead... I think that's your new way of hugging since you've done it to me, your B and your Build-A-Bear (now clothed in Mavs gear, obviously).

I need to get a video of you "hugging" with your forehead. It's precious.

- Fave toys are still Blackberries, iPhones and now your puzzle (you just shut all the doors and play with the chain) and your ship o' toys... it's meant for the tub, but you just take all the toys out and eat them. Best $15 I ever spent.

- You were awesome as we went all over town to find Aunt Kate an apartment. She is moving here in just a few weeks! You are going to love getting to know her more.
Waiting in an apartment lobby for one of our many tours to start. You were awesome on all of them!

- You touched a cow on the nose. Obviously.

- We visited Moyce and you loved seeing her. Y'all had a blast together and you were very sweet.

Man, you are great! Sleeping the same, eating well, loving meeting all people, babies and kids. You are happy to be around any animals... even big ol' Sophie. You just keep getting better! Month 8... big kid food and crawling maybe?! I can't wait to see what's next.

Did I use the word "LOVE" in this post a lot? Well, there's a lot of that going around these days!

I love YOU,


Katie Norwood said...

What a great post!!! So much good info about the little man. He sounds like a dream. I hope I have a good one like that! One of my faves is him reading the menu at the Mexican restaurant. Teach 'em young. I like it.

sarah said...

He's absolutely precious! Love his belly laughing. :) Great picture of the two of you together!

Shayla said...

Can't believe that little nugget is 8 months old already! Looks like you two have loads of fun together! That'll be great having your sister in Austin....free babysitting! :)

Writinggal said...

Oh, Charlie is such a cutie! I think he looks like Becky Lozier!

Lauren said...

Practicing kissing himself in the mirror already... men, lock up your daughters...
[Garrett on Lauren's computer]

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