Four Months

Dear Bean... aka Mister... aka Beautiful Love... aka Charlie-Man,

You are awesome.  You are sweet and happy and wonderful and I love to hang out with you.  Here are some things about you this month:

- Doc says we need to work on your flat spot. Too bad you hate tummy time. Sorry, Man... you gots to do it!  You weigh 15 pounds 5 ounces (fully clothed) and are 25.5 inches long putting you in the 60th percentile in weight and 75th in height.  Way to grow, dude.

- You have found your hands! You fold your left hand into the "got your nose" pose (with your thumb between your pointer and middle fingers) and you stare at it. Until you jam it into your mouth. And then you gag yourself and your eyes water up. I didn't say you were smart. I just said you found your hands.

- When we put you in your bouncy chair that your cousin Traci loaned you (your FAVE place to be... just inching out your changing table as the fave!), you never stop kicking.  But only your left leg. We've started saving money for therapy on your right leg.
This video shows the hand love AND the foot craziness.  This is NOT his best hair.

- You love to stand!  It's not legit standing obviously, but when Daddy or Pop or Papa stands you up, you love to show them your huge grin and wobble away.

- Since I started paying real attention to your sleep patterns this last week, I am understanding you more.  You can sleep a long time at night (like 6:30pm-2am then 2:30am-7am) and when you wake up in the morning you still want to go to sleep within an hour of being awake. Then you sleep for 2.5-3 more hours. Then you take another 1-2 hour nap and then another hour nap in the later afternoon! You are a sleeping fool!

- It is going to be hard to break you of your swaddling. You don't like putting your arms through the swaddle blanket, and sometimes you bust out of it, but you sleep very well swaddled!

- You love the moon above your changing table. You like to hear about both of your eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks.

- Bath time is still your fave!  It's hard to figure out how to prop you up since you don't love laying down and you can't quite sit up, but you still love it.  And now that we are reading a book before naps and bed time, you are enjoying that, too. "On the Night You Were Born" is my favorite to read to you... so far.

- You adore the outdoors - going on walks, sitting on the front step and talking about the cars going by, your first trip to Central Market... you love it all!

I'm sure there are many more things to talk about, but I need to clean your house.  It's a dee-saster.



Schulz Sightings said...

you are SO good to document all those little details that you forget so fast! Our little guy Drew is only 26 inches long and 19 lbs, so they'll be perfect together!

sarah said...

FOUR months??
I just want to eat him up. He's all cuteness. Sorry he doesn't like tummy time... it's so hard to make them do it when it makes them cry! :(

Oh, and just to make you feel better, we couldn't bring ourselves to stop swaddling Kate until she was 8 months old or something ridiculous like that. Next time I'm not going to worry about it so much. If it helps, keep doing it. :)

Adkins Fam said...

Love this update post and this comment left me laughing out loud...

"We've started saving money for therapy on your right leg."

efguess said...

Sweet Mister Charlie. Keep up with all the details. I got slack, and now I have no idea what she did when...

Unknown said...

"I didn't say you were smart. I just said you found your hands!"


Katrina said...

i love your monthly posts!! he is sooo sweet