The Money Pit - Day DUNDIES

Here we go!  Captions are above each picture.  Sorry they're kind of blurry... they're low res because there are SO many pics.

The new windows in the whole front of the house make a huge difference to me in the look of it.  Before they were trimmed out in black.  The neutral helps disguise some of the oddity of the shapes.  And yes, Daniel WILL be trimming that ginormous bush soon.

Looking in from the front door.

Looking left from the front door.  There will be some sort of "room separator" immediately in front of where I'm standing at some point.  But for now, we're just leaving it open.

 Kitchen with new island, new sink (that has dishes in it from last night so you don't get to take THAT close of a look.  The metal rack is new to the kitchen, too.  I LOVE having the island there.  It's so functional.

From the corner by the stove through the kitchen/dining room.  You can see the pantry door on the left.

Inside of the pantry.  We just put plain old wood shelves in there and stained and polyurethaned them to protect them.  Daniel really didn't want shelf liners... so we didn't use any!

 Stainless bar seating area.  I sit here EVERY day for a majority of the day working on Junior League stuff or reading blogs.  I love this spot!  It's functioning exactly as I hoped it would.

From beside the stainless bar into the dining room.  I'm loving the small can lights because they almost act like pinspots.  It makes the crystal on my table really show up!  My crystal cabinet is on the left side of the room.  We're looking through to the bar.

 Inside the bar!  This lamp is kind of random and may not be here forever, but it's a nice soft light for everyday use.  And I didn't realize that the sink I chose perfectly matched the green glass on my wine rack!  YAY.

 There will eventually be some sort of shelves above the sink for more storage.  I LOVE having the ice machine.  Makes all my mocktails taste so much better!  Someday soon, it will make the cocktails better, too!  :)

China storage underneath the island.  This also turned out just like I hoped!  It holds a TON and is really easily accessible.

If you walk out of the dining room opening and take an immediate left, you're looking in this hallway and into the guest bedroom (purple on the left) and Buddy's room (brown on the right.)  The guest bathroom is on the right.

Looking back from Buddy's room into the little play area.  I'm going to put a rug down here and the antique pie safe will be filled with toys.  I'm also going to put a bookshelf in here.

 Guest bedroom.  We rearranged the furniture which really opens up the room!  We're going to paint the dresser and desk a dark plum color since we've gone from black and white to brown and white in this room.  BeckyLozier hung the shutters in this room and Buddy's room!  She rules.

 That lamp on the desk is my grandmother's.  I'll take you on an "antique tour" sometime.  The lamp, desk chair and bed are all hers!

 New doors on the guest bedroom, Buddy's bedroom, the guest bathroom, pantry and our bedroom.

 Back "down the hall"... ok, three steps across Buddy's play area... to the guest bathroom.  We decided to leave the peach tile to keep a little of the old feel of the house and I'm glad we did!  It looks new and fresh with the new floor tile, new window and fresh paint!  I also want to rub my face on those rugs and never stop.  They are SO soft.

 This is a LEGIT skinny mirror.  If you ever want to feel like you weigh 20 lbs less than you do... come on over. 

 Other new mirror and light fixtures.  I like the antique feel of the mirrors with the retro feel of the lights.  I tried to add in some "new" feel throughout the house with stainless things.

I love this picture in the bathroom!  My great aunt painted it.  I have a LOT of her stuff in my house.  I'll take you on an "art" tour sometime, too.

 It's perfect with the new shower curtain!  Found this at Bed Bath & Beyond.  It has a turquoise stripe on the left side.  It's really cute.

The master bedroom looks the same as it did except with a king size bed that we still don't have bedding for.  And with less functional tables and lamps since we moved those into the front of the house.  Once we get that all set up, I'll post pics.

And in case you didn't see Buddy's room... it's the best part of the whole house!  Go back and look.  :)


Unknown said...

It looks so great! I'm so proud of you. :) (And BeckyLozier...let's be honest and give SOME credit where SOME credit is due). Homegirl is a "finisher".

Liz said...

Oh I mean... let's be totally honest... there would BE no finished house without BeckyLozier.

And let's go ahead and go further with that and say that the REASON the house was even clean enough for pictures today is that she's coming over this afternoon.

Thank goodness for BeckyLozier.

Liz said...

"The Closer." That's what I'm going to call her from now on. Becky "The Closer" Lozier.

sarah said...

It all looks amazing! I am so impressed. And to think, you did all this in your third trimester, too!

I would really like an ice machine now.

katie newton said...

I am loving EVERYTHING!!! Seriously, you did an awesome job making it feel all clean and crisp, and also comfy and homey, but with an edge. That makes perfect sense, right? :)

And I love BeckyLozier.... especially how it is all one word... I need The Closer to come over to my house sometime. Put me on her list.


aidkaid19 said...

oh man it looks FANTASTIC!!! congrats on being done!! :)

Schulz Sightings said...

Gorgeous!! You guys did a beautiful job. Can I come stay... i mean stop by, this weekend?

Roxanne Wilson said...

It is absolutely amazing lady! So proud of you. Talk about a labor of love. Now only one more Labor to go...