The Money Pit - Art Tour

It's much easier to show you my Art collection than it is my Antique collection... because Art hangs on walls and can't be covered in Sonic cups or Thank You notes or presents for Buddy or be an unmade bed.  SO... Art it is!

Here we go!  (Captions above the pics.)

This is a small plate my mom got me either in Italy or France.  I love her pretty face and the colors are perfect in my kitchen where she hangs.

This is my most expensive and traditional piece of Art.  Daniel got this Kathy Womack for me for Christmas a couple years ago and it now hangs above my breakfast bar.  I like to think that the woman on the floor is me (HA.. look how skinny my neck is!), in blue is mom and on the right (with the cool hat, of course) is Kate.

Less traditional art here... These sconces do need little votives, but I need to get Daniel used to them being on the wall in the dining room before I add glass to the mix.  Last night he said he was sure to rip off a "leaf" or rip them off the wall.  He better be careful!  

These are from Brooklyn Flea Market and they cost me $5 each and I carried them home as my carry-on.  I also did that with the paper mache flowers in Buddy's room.  When I find something I want, I WILL get it home!!  :)

We bought this along with a bottle of Whiskey and something else that was random at a silent auction a few years ago when we still did things like go to silent auctions!  It hung above our bed for forever, but it's too small above the king size bed we just got (YAY) and it's really cool with the shadows it casts in the dining room.

My great aunt painted this.  It's one of 5 pieces of hers I have in my house!  It hangs right outside the bar.  Appropriate?  I think so.

This was a poster I got somewhere and it hung in my cube for forever at Kolar... back when I worked and actually DID something to contribute to my family financially.  I just got it mounted and framed (in a regular frame from Aaron Brothers) because I love the colors and especially the lady's face on the bottom left.  It's above the piano in the living room.

This may be my favorite piece I own.  She's from Jamaica and I bought her in a random, tiny shop for about $20 just because I adore her face and the colors.  It's also the most expensive framed piece I own... I did a custom mat, frame and museum glass because I wanted her to stand out.  She's by the front door.

Close up.

Another "three woman" picture!  This is from a street vendor in NYC.  Another piece I carried home!  This just sat without a frame for forever, but I got this standard frame from Aaron Brothers the same time I got the one above the piano and it just adds so much to it, I think.  I didn't even add a mat to this, it came with the solid white and I just left it.  Love.

Another piece by my great aunt.  This is the original frame it came in, I believe.  It was looking a little tired wherever it was I had it last in the house, but in the freshly painted bathroom, it's perfect!

Another great aunt piece!  My mom just found this in a sketchbook of hers and had it framed.  It's a rough-draft of a poem about angels on the right with an ink drawing of an angel on the left.  It's hanging above Buddy's toy chest in the hallway.

Angel close up.  I think she's gorgeous!

ANOTHER great aunt painting!  Again, in the frame it came in.  This is hanging by the door in the purple guest room.  I love the colors here and the fact that you can barely see the pencil lines where she obviously outlined the cross hatches.  It makes it "less perfect" and more special to me.

Mom found these gorgeous ladies at a random shop in Paris.  The mat is a linen cloth and is so pretty.  I want to dress and look like them.

This piece came as a surprise behind the ladies from Paris.  Mom decided she liked it and had it framed, too!  I love their costumes and that whatever is written is in French (I believe) and I have no idea what it says.  These hang side by side in the the guest bedroom.

And yet another... you guessed it... great aunt piece!  Again, original frame that is perfect in my purple bedroom!

T-Rog's mom, V-Rog, gave me this sweet piece for Buddy at my baby shower.  It's hanging in Buddy's room and I love that it talks about "to the moon and back" since the moon is the key piece in the room.  It's also the name of V-Rog's blog!  How fun.  :)

And here's Buddy's moon!  This was checked as luggage in a gigantic cardboard box when we came home from Cabo with my fam a few years ago.  I wish you could've seen my dad's face when we put it on the van and told him we were checking it.  Good thing my mom is used to doing that exact sort of thing.  When there's a BeckyLozier will... there's a way!!

Last but not least... this was hanging in our entryway for forever but now has a spot in the hallway by our bedroom.  It's the sites of Austin and mom got it for Daniel a few years ago.  It's so fun to look at and try to spot all the places we know and love.

What's your art or style or favorite piece in your house??  Post about it!  I want to see!


sarah said...

You're my hero! I'm so scared to pick out art to put on the walls. I'm so afraid of things not matching or "going" together. Love all your pieces, and how neat that so many of them have a story.

My fave art right now is a cool Canton find... it's an old glass window/door thing (very rustic) with a decal of a fork, knife, and spoon imprinted in black on the glass. It's hung by a chain in my kitchen.

Thanks for the tour!

katie newton said...

so cool!!! i love how they all tell a story too. and the carry-on things on the plane I LOVE... been there a time or two myself!

in fact, my fave piece of artwork is one my parents bought for me off a street corner in NYC! Its a charcoal drawing of a street lane in the downtown area.... it rules.

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

Oh my...your art & the stories behind them are amazing. The art in my home is mainly photographs. I do have a set of paintings made by one of my former students {it was a copy of Ballard prints I fell in love with but had a gag reflex when I the price soared over $500 for all 4 pieces.}

Funny...I have had an itch to re-enter the world of art. Right now I heart subway like art. Hmmm...you have me thinking.