The Money Pit - Day 22

Instead of weighing you down with all the insanity of the last 5 work days, let me get right to the pictures and the good stuff. I still need to post my "goodness and grievances" or whatever I called that last blog I accidentally posted. Oh "triumphs and tragedies"... I'm such a drama queen. Keep on reading!

This is the "before" wall in the kitchen to the dining room.

This is the current version of the new look from a different angle.  Where you see that messed up floor was the old pantry and it will be the seated bar.  That door is the new pantry.  Can you see the door??  They are maybe the one thing is the like "cute Pottery Barn house" look that I've got going for me.  Inside, I'm going to do an L shape with the shelves on the left wall across the main wall.  On the right side, I'll have some hooks.

Kitchen to the living room.  It's hard to see the paint colors, but it's a little less "mint" version of the green and I think the yellow is a little more "lemon", but I like it.  And those are both just primer... not the actual paint.

Another "to the living room/wet bar" from the kitchen.  That notch in the left wall is where the seated bar will be.

Before of the hallway from living room to the bedrooms.  Notice the short ceilings and huge ceiling grate entry to the attic and no lights.

From the living room to the bedroom hall... we raised the ceilings in here by a foot I think.  I'm not really sure, I just know it feels MUCH better in here.  Especially with the small attic entrance they built and two can lights.  We will extend the yellow paint from the living room into here with the white ceilings and white crown molding.

This is the hallway from the baby's room.  BeckyLozier's genius idea was to make this a little baby play area so we will have a rug in here and the antique pie safe will hold toys.  Yay!

This is the guest room with the new door, closet doors and PAINT.  This is the actual color.  I really like it and I think it will be fun with the slightly darker purple iron bed (see below). 

Oh THERE is a good pic of the door.  I really like them.  Can we tell?

Not a great pic to see colors... I'm going to paint the desk and dresser brown and have brown and white bedding.  And you can see what the new windows look like by looking at the "new" pics of Buddy's room. 

I've got to figure out closets in the guest and baby's rooms because we are starting from scratch... This is the "before" in the guest room.  At the very least, now I can at least get to the middle of the closets... with these sliding doors, I could never get to the middle.

I don't think I have a good "before" pic of Buddy's room... but this will show you the fun fabrics that go with the new brown walls.

Puh-lease don't tell me it looks "girly" so I'm going to have a girl... I think it's fun and "baby" while still working for a guest room.  I love all of it.

Buddy's room paint color... this is just primer and it's hard to capture brown on camera.  I like it.  And I think I'm definitely going to like it with my new carpet.  I can't wait to tell you what color my carpet is called.

Better shot of the closet doors and the new bedroom door.

That's all for now.  We just bought a brazillion dollars worth of crown molding and floor trim and I believe they may get started on that tomorrow.  Or finish painting.  Either way, we're seeing some progress and I'm loving the colors.  I will keep showing you more as we move through the home stretch!


sarah said...

I'm in awe. I can't wait to see it in person sometime! I'm totally inviting myself over the next time we're in Austin.

Schulz Sightings said...

oh, wow!! It is going to be beautiful. i LOVE the fabrics for the baby room. If you have a boy, you can make it a little more masculine with accesories, same for girl. A neutral nursery is a good use of money. I will still have the P.B. bunny quilt on the wall for #4. Actually, by #4 it could use a little re-vamp. But then again if we get him at 18 months, we'll put he and P together pretty quick... just thinking out loud here, sorry for the diversion. YOUR house looks great!!

efguess said...

this is very exciting!
love everything you are doing.
the baby room looks awesome!