More Before.

Before I get to The After... I have to post a few more "before."

Cabinet in the built-in desk in my bedroom... directly under the bookshelves when you look at the other pics.

Junk Drawer in the hallway between bedroom and kitchen.  Also in this drawer was a set of "Bar Bingo" cards.  And no, I still have no idea what those yellow ear plugger things were doing in there.

Jewelry, jewelry boxes and Junior League junk.  Please remember, this is the BEFORE.

I basically lived with my jewelry in travel bags and strewn about in big boxes so I could never find anything except the 20 things in the travel bag.

Do I ever need to buy another pen, pencil, highlighter or Sharpie?  EVER AGAIN?  I think not.

Dear Kolar Advertising and Marketing, please send me a bill.

(THE AFTER coming shortly)

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