Just to get you prepared for what's to come on the blog on, probably, Monday.
Here are the "BEFORE" pictures of my closet, bathroom and bedroom.

(Sorry, this one is blurry... but the light is better.  For more details, click the next pic.  Not that anyone WANTS more details of a nasty, dirty, laundry-filled room!  But JIC... just in case...)

To be fair to you, I've uploaded the "big" version of these pics.  So when you click on them, it should give you a ginormous image so you can scroll and critique and analyze and faint to your heart's content.

(Aside: See that old school piano over there with the stuffed duck sitting on it?  See how it doesn't have a leg?  That broke off upon transport into my house and it's not fixed yet.  I'm working on it.)

And since honesty is the name of the game here... Transparency!  Isn't that what they teach us in Sunday School?!  I will tell you that the piles of clothes, boots and suitcases you see on the floor were not a product of removing things from my closet.  They had been on my floor for a few weeks.  UGH.  Honesty sucks.

NOW... to be fair to ME... all these hangers, clothes (except Daniel's pants hanging over my robe... those are a constant.  WHY does he do that?!) and boxes were all in my closet and were a  part of the clean out process.  But the counter did typically look that way.  Again, there I go with the honesty.

Another "clean out" pile.  Thanks to T-Rog for the cute blue bag!  Now that I know where it is, I can use it again!

Stay tuned to see the NEW AND IMPROVED Casa de Lozier-Farrar.


Jenn Cali Style said...

I now see where Kate gets it. It's a sisters Lozier thing.

efguess said...

You soooo made your bed for the pics... nice

Liz said...

Jenn, Yes. It's a sisters Lozier thing. However... my house is like ROCKING now. So, she better catch up.

E - I actually made it so I could put clothes on it! But I almost did think to comment "and no, my bed is never made." HOWEVER... since the clean out started, I've made it every single day! It's a new me!!!

Unknown said...

UM....E so has you pegged! I was going to comment the same thing that no way was your bed made! ha ha.

Liz said...

I love that out of ALL of the things you could comment on here, two of you chose the BED BEING MADE. Hilarious.

Lea Arnold said...

Well despite all of the clothes everywhere, you have a gorgeous room, can't wait to see what it will look like all finished :).
Also, my hubby has this one pair of pants that he leaves hung like that too, the only difference is he hangs it on his belt hook in the closet, but it drives me nuts!! Then he complains when he can't find his one belt that I happened to pick up and put where it goes. - hmmm... when will they ever learn ;-) ?

Katrina said...

Wow - that is what my room likes too. Clothes EVERYWHERE. But, it is true - your room is amazing. TV, fireplace, hard woods...

Liz said...

Well... the fireplace doesn't work. At least we've never set it up and I THINK it doesn't work. I just need a friend to help me hook it up!