O Christmas Tree!

I wasn't going to get a tree this year; but at a Christmas Brunch at GlamAndFab's house, I got yelled at by multiple friends. I was coerced. By girls gathering to exchange ornaments and eat egg casserole.

Yes, my tree IS as tall as my ceiling. Thanks for asking.

This isn't a great pic because I had to use my flash, but my mom made the cutest bow for a tree topper. It took her 10 minutes and it's precious. She said, "I haven't made one in awhile, but it's like ridin' a bike!"

I'm not a traditionalist with my tree. I use turquoise, lime green, magenta, copper and gold ornaments. Here are a few of my faves.

I gather a few nice ones every year in the after-Christmas sales. Gorgeous!

The ornament behind the spire is from Kate... it's the NYC skyline handpainted from the inside! I love it.

This jingle bell is from my sister-in-law. The gold leaf garland is from Hobby Lobby... they are new this year!

Thanks to my girls for making me do the things that I know I should... even something as small as putting up a ten foot Christmas tree!


Unknown said...

Listen to all of your comments about how much you love each ornament...imagine not having that joy in your house to look at everyday from now until Valentine's Day! Because we all know it will STILL be up at V-day. :)

It looks gorgeous!! I love it and I'm so happy you put it up. Way to go LCT!! XOXO
And PS...I LOVE your mom's comment about tying a bow..."It's like ridin' a bike!" My mom tied the bow at the top of my tree too! How are they so good at things like that??

Chopsticks and Pearls said...

OMG!!!! This whole post just MADE MY DAY!!!! Seriously! It's gorgeous! I'm so proud of you!!

I love the topper, love the ornaments...love it all!!!

Two posts in one day....I'm a happy camper!

Liz said...

HAHA, T-Rog. I will take it down by the first week of January. I've already pacted in my head.

And I was thinking about doing a third. I'm on a ROLL. :)

Lea Arnold said...

What a beautiful tree :)

You HAVE to have the tree up these years, it's the only time you can have gorgeous ornaments like you do. Because once you guys have kids you will be end up with them all broken if you put those on the trees... we are to home made these days ;-), I hate leaving all of my beautiful glass ones in the attic, but it's just best if I wish to see them in a few years...

Enjoy reading your blog by the way :)

Lea Johnson Arnold