Team Our Sole Purpose!

For the recap of the Komen 3-Day walk with my friend Tiffany and her family, I'm going to send you to Tiffany's blog, Kristen's blog and the Team Twitter. I know that Tiffany and the Our Sole Purpose blog will be updated again... but just to get you started on the recap, here are some pics I took of the group on the last day!

NO ONE should look this cute after walking 60 miles in 3 days.
The face of a survivor!!!

The face of a good friend!

The poster made for Team Zsa Zsa's Komen walks... representing those we walk for.

The team, with both team posters!, about to cross the finish line!

Again, NO ONE should be this cute. Or smiley.


I believe these shoes came off even before the previous pic. Nice sock tan, T-Rog.

Dave has been T-Rog's support since she started training MANY months ago! Cute pic!

I made this sign with Cathy, another family friend, on Friday and it got progressively more "bedazzled" throughout the weekend. Yes, it says "follow us on twitter"... and the random smears are from less-than-dry glitter!

The pile of well-worn shoes. The girls were amazing this weekend and I can't tell you how many times I teared up just thinking of all the stories that all the walkers have experienced. This weekend, and their journeys, were a true picture of perseverance, faith, family, friends and hope. I was so thankful to be a tiny part of it. Love all of you!

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Unknown said...

Your pictures are so great!! Thank you for taking these! And thank you for being there with me just about every step of the way. :) You made the journey more fun and I am so thankful to have shared it with you.