Celebrity Moments.

There have been a few times in my life where I've sort of had a moment where I thought... I am cool. It doesn't happen often... but for example:

On our 5 year anniversary trip, Daniel and I went to visit Kate in NYC. One night we went to The Palace to have a drink in the bar and we walk in and there are no tables. But my parents have been there a lot so the managers and hostesses know Kate and they found a table and set it up especially for us in front of the main fireplace so we didn't have to wait for a table. On top of that, my parents had called in to buy us a bottle of wine. And THEN Chuck Bass walked in. Followed by Blair Waldorf. Not 2 feet from our table. And Chuck proceeds to sit at the table next to us while I mourned that I did NOT have the prime seat but also rejoiced that Kate was giving me a play by play of his every move. So... THAT was a celebrity moment.

Others like that include sitting in the semi-private lounge, staying in a villa and having a cabana at the Bellagio (a once in a lifetime experience for me... I can assure you). Being only 19 and having my dad call to tell me to get out of finals early (and being able to do that) so we could go to LA and Vegas with him and then having a driver that took Kate and me to an amazing restaurant in LA then to The Peninsula for a cocktail and then to my dad's LA company Christmas party. Having a hurricane wipe out Cabo right before Daniel and I went on our honeymoon so we were two of ten people in the entire resort and everyone knew us and our drink orders before we ever sat down.

And this week... a first. I got a gift in the mail from a celebrity blogger! Lisa Timmons, editor of http://www.socialitelife.com, and I have a history together. Hers is the only celeb blog I read and a few years ago the grammar was NOT at it's peak because a lot of new writers had come on. So... we traded funny emails about that. And a few weeks ago, I kept going to the site and a pop up kept coming up in place of the regular screen... so we tweeted and emailed and the problem got fixed. Thanks to little ol' me. And I even got a shout-out tweet from Lisa as a thanks. A few weeks later, I got an email (yes, she has that now, too) asking for my address so she could send me a little something in the mail. A few days later I got a little box (the actual box said it was for workout hand weights and I was like... SERIOUSLY?) filled with a fun-lavender oil soaked sponge, two jamba juice gift cards, hair gel, hair styling stuff and a face mask plus a personal note. And then we gchatted about how her sending the wrong box was like my mom giving me a Neiman's box containing plates she bought on ebay at Christmas. Lisa's next line was "confession time.... I'm your mom." HA.

Celebrity Moments... keep 'em coming.


Unknown said...

I'm so impressed by you getting swag from LT.

My moments include: Being about 8 and in SAMS with my mom. She said, "OMG! There's Troy Aikman!!" I replied with a, "Who?" She proceded to pull out a picture of me out of her wallet and tell me to go get his autograph. We weren't sure who the guy was with him, so she told me to get his autograph too. When I asked him he relpied with, "I'm just his friend, I'm not famous." I think in all of my wisdom that I had acquired over 8 whole years I shrugged and said, "sign it anyways." So now, we have a cheerleading picture of me signed by Troy Aikman and a his friend Doug Kline.

I did meet Sam Champion and get quite a photo with Drew Carey. Those are proud moments. There was also the time I rode in an elevator with Earl Campbell.

Yeah, I'm pretty much a big deal.

Unknown said...


Stacy J. and Lindsay B. said...

I saw Kelly Clarkson in the Tollhouse cookie store a few weeks ago in Addison. We were both picking up cookie cakes. I told her that "my life would suck without you."

katie newton said...

will you remember me when you're big time? lol! jk. jk. That really is super coo!!

kate said...

i don't have any celebrity moments.

Liz said...

Kate. I will punch you. Kate's entire LIFE is a celebrity moment.

Writinggal said...

I once saw Joe E. Tata (Nat from 90210's Peach Pit) in an L.A. restaurant. I wanted to take a picture with him but I had this cheap disposable camera that had no flash. I asked Frank, "Would it be weird if I asked Nat to step outside for a pic?" He said, "Um, yes."

Liz said...

Elsa... Nat would have been SO excited to take a pic! He's one of those people that's on the celebrity fringe so he's probably just excited to be noticed! Or... he hates that he was on that show and has moved on to artsy theater. One or the other.