Fruits of the Spirit.

Let's start with the easiest one... Thankfulness. I know there are many complex things that go into the fruits of the spirit, but I'm just going to tell you what I'm thankful for (because it rained last night and I was very thankful for that).

In the next few days, I'll have thoughts on the other fruits of the spirit... and doesn't it just make you want to sing the song when you think about this? The fruit of the spirit's not a sssssstrawberry.

We'll stick with the "25 random things" idea to get this one going:

1. God's grace, mercy and faithfulness
2. My stud of a husband
3. A crazy family that loves each other a lot
4. Amazing friends who like #s 5, 8 & 13
5. Music that makes me want to DAAAANCE and/or SING OUT LOUD
6. TV shows: The Office, One Tree Hill, Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Privileged, etc.
7. Entertainment Weekly Magazine and the fun it brings me every week
8. Central Market Cooking Classes
9. Visiting NYC to see my sister
10. Family Vacations all over with mine and with Daniel's fam to the beach house in Maine
11. Innate spelling, grammar and typing abilities. No lie, I'm thankful for these things
12. Grandparents who are willing to employee me... twice
13. Queso and margaritas (how did it take me this long to list these?!)
14. Blogs. Not mine... yours. I love knowing what's happening in everyone's life
15. Golf courses. Daniel and I walk them on Saturday afternoons then go have #13
16. March Madness & all College Football
17. Fire pits, fireplaces, bonfires... fire fascinates me
18. A good hard rain or snow. I always wish I was on a porch just watching and listening
19. Pictures and videos of babies. Or just babies in general!
20. Good books. There's not much better than a good book and #18 plus #21
21. A really good glass of wine on a porch (usually with #s 2-4 or #20)
22. Calculators. While I've got #11 going for me... I abhor math
23. Pictures that capture the moment
24. Costume jewelry. And real jewelry, for that matter
25. Cozy pajamas


Unknown said...

I'll be #4 and we can share #s 1,5,6,9,17,21 and 25 together!

Chopsticks and Pearls said...

I like your new background!! and I love me some queso too.

katie newton said...

You forgot a comma in #10, after the word mine.... which might make you want to rethink #11.

:):):):) LOVES IT!!!! We are all so blessed and do have an incredible number of thins to be thankful for- that's the truth! :) Great list Loj.

Liz said...

Don't hate, Katie!!! We call it creative license in the literary world. What?


Katrina said...

We do have lots of "thins" to be thankful for Katie, don't we?

Hating on Liz's grammar and you did not even look at your own...LOL

Love all of you! You both crack me up