It's a Tween, Tween, Tween, Tween World.

I can't pinpoint an exact reason that I love all things that are meant for tweens... but I'll give you an example of some of those things and then we'll go from there:

Current Stuff Meant for Tweens that I Love:
- High School Musical
- The Twilight Series
- Enchanted
- Gossip Girl (Should NOT be meant for tweens... but that's a whole 'nother blog)

Current Technology Meant for Tweens that I Love:
- Facebook
- Texting and all the lingo that goes with it
- Cell Phone Ring Tones (Jump Around is my current ring)

Past Stuff Meant for Tweens that I STILL Love:
- Books and Movies like Anne of Green Gables & Little Women
- Anything that's a Musical.  Newsies, Singin' In The Rain, Summer Stock.  You name it, I love it (except Brigadoon... I hated that one)

I think I like movies and books targeted at Tweens (excluding XOXOGG) because they are hopeful, simple, visual feasts.  You know you are getting something easily digestible and entertaining when you commit to a tween read.  You know you aren't getting yourself into a heavy handed downer when you watch a tween movie.  And while some people love the drama and horror and sci-fi thrillers... give me a romantic comedy where the whole cast (tween or otherwise) spontaneously erupts into song any day of the week!

As for the technology... Facebook is the greatest website created on the face of the earth (no offense to Google or Wikipedia).  Connections to people from years past, hours of fun sending lil' green patch requests to all your Greenie friends, the easiest way to share your pics with everyone you know AND the ability to stalk people who you don't want to ever talk to again?  YES PLEASE.

And I just learned that the term tween was originally coined by J.R.R. Tolkien for Lord of the Rings... "tweens as Hobbits called the irresponsible twenties between childhood and the coming of age at thirty-three."  So it's PERFECTLY OKAY that my Flair application on FB has a button that says "Team Edward" and I stood in line with 400 other tweens to get the final Twilight book at midnight when it came out when I was on vacation with my inlaws in Maine?!  Awesome.  See you in line at the movie theater on November 20th.  The movie comes out on the 21st.


Chopsticks and Pearls said...

Um.....that...is...awesome! Of COURSE that you are going to stand in line to see Twilight! haha.

Kristen said...

Um, lurve the tweens...that Zac Efron, so hot right now!