Friday Friend Facts.

As T-Rog does her "Fabulous Friday Finds"... I'm going to find out more about my friends on Fridays.  Today... the question is:


And I don't mean you can just sing along.  I mean... you can karaoke the heck out of these songs.  You may even know some of the dance moves.  You have "parts" with your friends.  You have life memories connected with these songs.  These are YOUR songs.  

I know all the words to:
Shoop - Salt N Pepa
The Call - Backstreet Boys
Almost every Garth Brooks Song ever written
Newsies Soundtrack
Rent Soundtrack
Stay - Lisa Loeb
Fancy - Reba
Oops! I Did it Again - Britney

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.  Now... what are YOUR songs??


Chopsticks and Pearls said...

UMMM....Moulin Rouge....Elephant Love Medley AND Lady Marmalade.....enough said.

Liz said...

YESSSS. Elephant Love Medley. T-Rog... that should be one of yours too. ;)

Unknown said...

We Didn't Start the Fire, Shoop, what a Mighty Good Man, Elephant Love Song Medley (I sing the girl part and the Loj since the boy part), ICE ICE BABY, A good portion of Wilson Phillips Songs, Stay-Lisa Loeb, FANCY for sure (!!), I saw the sign, Popular (Wicked soundtrack), Almost all Celine Dion songs, Summer Lovin'....these come to mind. I SO wish I could sing!!

kate said...

a few things before i give you the list:

1) add all that is on your list to mine... i know those too.

2) the answer is YES, i did go through my itunes and see what i knew... hence the alphabetical order of the artists. the answer is also YES that it's 10pm on a friday and this is what i'm doing. i don't want to speak of this again.

3 and most importantly) this is a long list. meaning you probably don't believe me. test me, question me, take me out and public and make me prove it. i know them. (which, when you think about it, also means i need to get a life.)

4) i'm a hundy percent that i'm missing some.

that is all.

try again - aaliyah
everything backstreet boys
do that - baby, p. didds
poison - bell biv devoe
check on it - beyonce
baby boy - beyonce
all the words to the beatles love album
more than a feeling - boston
all britney (obvi)
right thurr (remix) - chingy
goodies - ciara
one, two step - ciara
when the last time - clipse
jenny says - cowboy mouth
my band - d12
last night - didds
forgot about dre - dre
most eminem
american boy - kanye
tambourine - eve
low - flo rida
all gwen/no doubt
i like that - houston
feedback - janet
gotta getcha - jermaine dupri
big pimpin - jay z
the journey classics
everything justin timberlake
new work out plan - kayne
like this - kelly rowland
popozao - kfed (just kidding... ish)
the miseducation of lauryn hill album
rumors - lindsay lohan
most maroon 5
family affair - mary j blige
do i even need to mention matchbox
pony - genuine (don't tell me you don't)
see you again - miley cyrus
old school missy elliott classics
what da hook gone be - murphy lee
shake ya ass - mystikal
always something there to remind me - naked eyes
country grammar - nelly
sweep the leg - no more kings
here it goes again - ok go
welcome to atlanta (remix) - i don't know, everybody
jeremy - pearl jam
handful of pussycat dolls (barf, don't judge me)
all queen classics + a handful of the hidden greats
rob thomas... duh
it's tricky - run dmc
music is the victim - scissor sisters
shoop - salt and pepper
tomorrow - silverchair
lay low - snoop
lodi dodi - snoop
gz and hustlers - snoop
tears for fears classics obvi
hold the line - toto
africa - toto
sugar (gimme some) - trick daddy
best of 1980 - 90 U2 album
when you really love a woman - bryan adams

Liz said...

KATE. I am seriously laughing here. I haven't even HEARD of half of those songs. And I went through my iTunes also... but I didn't feel I could claim the right to THAT many songs. Then again, you are some what of a musical genius.

T-Rog. I ALMOST mentioned in my blog that you were going to say "we didn't start the fire" because you MAY be the only person I know that knows all the words to that one.

Kristen said...

Omg, I love this! I can claim nothing bc I am a lyrics disaster. In fact, I THOUGHT I knew the words to Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On," only to find out that for years I sang "I've been feeling fiiiiine baby" when really the words are "I've been really tryyyying baby."