Ten Months.

Dear CharlieMan,

Shocked that we are again running late with the posts?! Not me! Mom seems to have a lot going on these days. Let's recap your August...

Started in Maine and we already covered that part. I left some reminders for myself about things to not forget: "More about foods (including one that I'm NOT excited about), making demands, eating out, Aunt Kate and her shenanigans, your favorite random "toys", etc."
Fun with Dad! Seen in the background here... one of your favorite things. A diaper box. I think you think the baby is going to come out and play! You also love tubes of lipgloss and eye shadow primer, etc. Things that are teeny in your hands.

OK. So, you LOVE food. Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Blueberries, Strawberries, Corn, Black Beans, Tortillas, All Meat (including some tiny bites of bacon the other day. Yum.), Hummus, Carrots, Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Toast, Eggs (just some tiny bites of the whites so far), Sweet Potato Fries, Pickles, Yogurt, Grilled Cheese and more! I can't take you to a restaurant without feeding you, so we share meals now. And you make a giant mess. Tips are increasing. I should start taking it out of your piggy bank. I KID, I KID. Sort of.
Lemons?! YES PLEASE.

More on food... You are still having some mixed grain baby cereal and jarred baby food sometimes... to get the iron in and the veggies. And here's the nastiest part of all... You love tomatoes. A lot. And I cut them up for you because I love you dearly, but I HATE them. Especially those seeds that get stuck everywhere. I'm getting the tingling in the back of my jaw right now just thinking about it. Ew.
Thanks for my bib, Aunt Kate.

When you want something, you grunt about it. Especially books. When the book is done, you "Arrrr" with your eyebrows furrowed so it will be read to you again. OR you just look at your bookshelf and grunt at it. Hilarious. I'm glad that it's books you crave! They are awesome.
Chatting. This is the end of about 5 minutes worth of video.... talking talking talking!

You learned how to sit up by yourself this month! I mean... you only did it two times ever and that was in your crib. And that was weeks ago. But surely you can do it again sometime soon?! You are also lunging around from your bottom to your hands, but that right leg gets in the way and you don't go anywhere. You're funny.

Aunt Kate taught you how to clap and high five last month! This is actually a September update, but when we were on the plane coming home from Dallas after Labor Day (yes, Charlie and I flew by ourselves for the first time... Not awful. Not awesome. That's how I'd describe it), you high-fived four people in the terminal and on the plane.... the lady who held you while I got through security, a business man, a girl about my age and an older lady. I think you liked what you got (laughing from everyone including bystanders) because now you do it ALL the time!!!  Aunt Kate's office, restaurants, stores, housekeepers. The whole lot!! It's hilarious.

You got to see Moyce on your 10 month birthday. You loved each other. After you stopped trying to bludgeon her with a cane, that is.


You went to a birthday party and spent an hour and a half in the not-so-hot-tub just floating around. Chillest baby there by a million. And your party favor obviously indicated that. See below.

Oh also, you are a gangsta. Apparently.

You are a musician. Obviously. Between this and eating the string that holds your triangle, you're definitely on the right track!

You are still the happiest baby on the block. You are friendly, wonderful, sweet, a thinker, a talker, a reader, a piano player and the best. I love you!!!

Love, Mama.


sarah said...

Okay. I watched every. single. video you posted, friend. I was dying laughing, too! That is, until I was crying - what a joy and a blessing our babies are. Charlie already has a "magnetic" personality. Darn cute little booger!

Katrina said...

I still cannot get over Charlie's pilates pose! I love it so much! He is so sweet.

Shayla said...

What a fun, laid-back little man! Of course, I would expect nothing less from your offspring.

Atta Rehman said...
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