Pia or Why America Didn't Get It Wrong

I liked Pia a lot at the beginning of the competition. I had thoughts of "this is the girl to beat" and "she's going to win it all." But then, week after week, was the same (albeit great) song. Start soft, grow big, barely move, end on a big note ballad. And yes, I even mean "River Deep, Mountain High." If you can make that song sound like a ballad, you are a one-note (albeit great note) show.

Tina Turner didn't even have to MOVE and she had more intensity than Pia singing the song.

You know I love me some Glee and these girls were MOVIN' while they sang. Santana's moves are so fun during this song!

Pia swore last week that this week she would MOVE. I was hoping she was going to do some "football runs" on the stage but she just walked around. The girl is super talented and had one of the best voices on the show, but she wasn't going to be the American Idol. She's not sellable.

Who do I like to win? I'm not sure yet. After hearing James Durbin tackle a soft song, I was pretty impressed. I think Casey Adams is the most musical of all of them. Lauren Alaina has always been a fave. Scotty is straight country, but he embraces it... and his Elvis number was pretty great (just hold that microphone straight up, dude!) And I even liked Paul last night... the man was hyped!

Stefano should have gone home this week (and you could tell that he knew it). He will be out next week. At this point, if you aren't the last man standing, it doesn't matter what order you exit. Pia wasn't going to be the last woman standing so it's okay she's gone. Best of luck to her!

(And no hating meant against Pia! I just can't get behind the huge uproar against the results when week after week the judges told her to let loose and she couldn't do it. Let me know who you love to win it all!)

UPDATE: Classy response from Pia! Not to this post, duh, but in general. :D


Katie Norwood said...

Brent & I are so mad that we immediately cancelled our DVR recordings for rest of the season of American Idol. I am seriously done with it, and I feel good about all the free time I will now have. Pia was by far the best singer on that show. I think she truly should have won the whole thing. Yes, she could have danced a little more, but seriously there are some terrible people on there and she did not deserve to go.

But I still love you TheLoj! :-) If you were on the show, I'd vote for you. Especially if you did some Moulin Rouge.

Andy said...
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Kathryn said...

I don't watch American Idol, so I don't care about Pia... BUT, I love that Tina Turner video - she's impressive. And, my new plan is to become one of her back-up dancers... Do you think she lets white girls dance for her? I have serious soul.
(i accidentally posted this as Andy, but he made me delete & re-write)