Two Months

Dear Charlie,

You are two months old!  (And have been for a few days now).  Here are some things about you so I will remember when you are four months old and I've forgotten this sleep-deprived time entirely.  (I hope I won't... but just in case.)

- You are kicking and grinning and talking like a champ.  I love your noises, especially your short, surprised, high-pitched giggles.
- You fuss when you're tired, hungry and sometimes when I change your clothes (but not when your dad does). You don't mind dirty diapers... but I do!
- You love your Mama Roo and your vibratey chair... but only the music and the monkey and lion hangy-down-thingys... you refuse to look at the hippopotamus.  Aunt Kate wants to download the song as a ringtone.  It's a good one.
- You STARE at the curtains in the living room all the dang time.  I think it's because of the shadows above them.  But it's become a joke in the fam... You love the curtains more than us.
- You really enjoy bath time.  You yawn your way through it because you're so relaxed.
- You are congested pretty often and you don't love your nose drops but you don't hate them.  You do hate the bulbing and the q-tip up the nose afterwards!
- You are great in the car right now.  You sleep your way through it... even all the way to Dallas and back over Christmas.  But you do HATE when we stop if you're not asleep.
- Speaking of sleep... you still have no semblance of a schedule except that you are never awake more than a max of an hour and forty five minutes at a time and sometimes not even an hour.  You LOVE to sleep and you do it well.  At night you do go about five to six and a half hours at a time between meals.  You even went nine and a half on New Years' Eve!  That was amazing and gave me hope for the future!

You are such a little man.  You are absolutely beautiful and wonderful and perfect and

I love you!

p.s. After my last post, I think all my friends thought I was losing it.  But I really meant that this is hard in some ACTUAL hard ways and hard in some WONDERFUL hard ways!  But the wonderfulness so completely overshadows the actual.  And the actual gets easier every day.


sarah said...

Is he laughing already?? Glad he's giving you better stretches at night.

I don't think we had Kate on any kind of "schedule" until around 3 months or a little after. Once I went back to work and had to get her up at a certain time every morning, things sorta fell into place.

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

This is so cute!! He is adorable! We are cook book swap pals... I googled your name to find your blog! I will send yours out today or tomorrow! Congrats on your little guy... he is so cute. Glad I found your blog, too! I have been getting that baby itch, so maybe I can learn a thing or two from you ;)