Dynamite Diaper Cake.

When I first saw the "Diaper Cake" at a baby shower, I thought it was such an original, cute idea.  Like anything popular, the disposable cakes kind of lost their luster and OoooAhhh factor after awhile.  But last weekend at my cousin's baby shower, my other cousin had created the cutest variation of a diaper cake ever.

Background, my cousin lives in Georgetown on a bunch of land and they all ride four wheelers... they even have a huge race track on the back of the property that's really cool.  So... behold, the diaper cake!

That's a dishwasher bottle holder for the seat, there are four receiving blankets in there (as the rods holding the diaper wheels on!), the handlebars are baby socks, the headlight is a bottle.  Adorable!

Don't you love it?!


Schulz Sightings said...

tHat is awesome, so much more fun than actually changing diapers. I LOVE the chia pet, i couldn't stop laughing!!

katie newton said...

That is adorable!! What a great idea!

Laurie Blaswich said...

Good luck to you for entering the give away on The old painted cottage! How thoughtful of you to think of your sister in law!!!