I AM serious... and don't call me Shirley.

Surely, and I mean SURELY... they got the date wrong on this bag and I haven't had it in my refrigerator for the last 2 years.  The leaves don't even look bad?  RIGHT?!  Maybe they froze in my fridge... I even dared to sniff them and they didn't smell like anything.  Not even leaves.  Do leaves smell?

In the coming days, you will see blog posts about my Spring cleaning.  I'm starting with the closet in my bedroom and working myself through the house.  So far, I've done my closet and my bathroom and the bedroom is next.  Thank you, Pearls, for getting me going!  I'm excited about the task!  And, obviously, the other items in my fridge will be excited about the task when it gets time for the fridge clean-out.  Yipes.

ADDENDUM:  Tiffany says that the date means "January 8th" not "January 2008"... but let's be honest that it's sad that I even had to CONSIDER that these could be from 2008.  Because, really, it's possible.


Unknown said...

You know what...they are new. They expires Januray 8th...not January of '08, so you're in luck!

Liz said...

ARE YOU SURE??? I looked at something else for comparison and it said January 10. But it was a different brand of lettuce.

(Did you go home and look this up so you could check for me?!?!)

Unknown said...

HA! I actually DID look at the bags of salad in my fridge. And one says January 30 and the other says January 27...SO, since I know they aren't good for 17 more YEARS I'm gonna go with the date of the month. So, we'll let you off the hook on this one. But I agree with your adendum...the fact that we had to even question whether or not they had been in there for 2 years is unbelievable!!