Ballet Bliss

May I just say that I don't believe you've truly lived life to it's fullest until you've attended a three-year-old ballet "recital."  And when Daddy participate with bean bags, hoops, hot pink sashes and many leaps through the air... you're in for an even MORE special treat!

I was lucky to go with the Braden family (Michael, Sarah, Hannah, Emma and Ava) to Hannah and Emma's final ballet class of the Fall.

I don't know that these need much explanation, so I will just start throwing these pics out there for the world (all 6 of you) to share in the joy!


The Bradens said...

All my sweet man needs is some green tights and a cute hat. There is no question why God chose him to raise our three girlies!

Unknown said...

ADORABLE!!!! You got some great pictures too! Oh my gosh....Things like this make me NEEEEEEED a little girl in a tutu....