I'm on a diet of sorts... It's called "Somersize" and it's by Suzanne Somers. Most of you have seen me go through this diet before... but this time I'm giving myself a day off a week to eat what I want. And I'm not fully cutting out "da booze" - just most of it.

The diet is really about combos of food.. i.e. you can't eat fats/protein with carbs but you can eat veggies with carbs or fats/proteins. The hardest part is not being able to eat any sandwiches!! But the good news is I can eat things like Chicken Caesar Salad at La Madeleine and the Fajita Salad at Maudie's. YUM.

But here's what I had for lunch... Roasted Red Peppers with Fat Free Cream Cheese on 7-Grain Toast. It was pretty good! I didn't want to use the grill (because I don't know how) so I just broiled the peppers in oven.


Katrina said...

ummm...not sure about that one. Was it good?

Liz said...

It was REALLY good! Seriously. I was actually excited to try it and it was almost as good as I was hoping. I would have liked it better on the grill... but it was close. Darn good! I ate every bite... and fast. And I was pretty satisfied until dinner.