Movin' to the Dirty Thirty

I visited Kate in NYC this weekend. Momma and I went up to help her finish setting up her new apt. It's a HUGE step up from the last one even though the "kitchen" is literally the corner of the living room and the bedrooms are a little smaller. Here are some pics as well as a couple from the weekend.

Living Room. Fun new pillows from Crate and Barrel.

Two lattices from Brooklyn Flea. Yes, we took two subways to get there (congratulations, Kate)
and also had a fabulous brunch down the street from the market.

You know the whole "postage stamp kitchen" thing... that's what this is.

Book case, Kate's S&P shaker collection, a platter from South France.

You have NO idea how excited Kate is about this microwave. Cute, tiny lamp is from BB&B.
Cooking utensils are in a POM glass.

Kate's room. The piece above her bed is also from Brooklyn Flea.

Kate's always wanted a book end to hold her clutches. This is the Chrysler building iron lantern... Kate's favorite building. It's from Fish's Eddy... an AMAZING store.

Sals rocking the plaid look in Brooklyn.


These colors were so much more vivid in person and even on iPhoto. I gotta get photoshop!

I got fussed at in another language by these kids' nannies.
I mean... they were holding hands and she was wearing pigtails!!
What was I SUPPOSED to do??

What an amazing weekend!


Liz said...

Oh... and celebs we saw:
- Elizabeth Perkins from Big
- Will Forte from SNL
- Austin Scarlett from Project Runway (Season 1)
- Tyra Banks looking rough

Unknown said...

Elizabeth Perkins also from Indian Summer...if you haven't seen it, do it! I think it's late 80's...well worth your time.

And those children are to.die.for. Holding hands?? Pigtails?? Adorable. I wish, oh wish I knew what that nanny said to you! I'm sure she was wondering what in the H you were doing taking photos of those little darlings. They were probably on their way to fill out apps for NYC prep while their mom was filming for Real Housewives.

Chopsticks and Pearls said...

OMG...I LOVE Indian Summer. Seriously. One of my favs!

I think you did a GREAT job on the room. I can't wait to come see the bedroom...and brainstorm other projects.

Kristen said...

Did your fabulous brunch happen to take place at "Egg," because if so, it is AMAZING!! Seriously, love it...good work, gals!