Crazy Love.

I am in the middle of this book and I truly believe it is convicting and life changing.  It talks about who God is, how He feels about lukewarm Christianity and moves into truly loving God and what that looks like in reality.  I'm still on the "read all four gospels" part which is about half way through (and I've never done that before so I'm loving it), so I'm not even done... but it's awesome!

Angie... author of the blog "Bring the Rain" is starting a weekly conversation and breakdown of the book starting in two weeks (September 13th is the current start date) and I hope you will read the book now or with her as she goes.  

AND some people wanting to follow along with her can't afford the book and she has asked if people are willing to donate books.  You can email her (angelac519@gmail.com with the subject line CRAZY LOVE SPONSOR) or send her a twitter message (@angelac519) and tell her how many books you'd like to buy.  She will send you back the address(es) and you can mail out the book(s).  Regularly, the book is $15 and you can find it at Barnes and Noble, Borders or Lifeway (they are selling out all over the place though, so go fast!)  Another good option is Half.com.

Like I mentioned, I wouldn't be plugging this if I didn't think it could truly change my life, your life, a friend's life, a stranger's life... it's just worth it.  So, if you have a little extra cash and want to help a friend.  Or just a little cash and want to buy the book for yourself... please do it!  :)


allison said...

Ryan read this and loved it. I've had it on my list for a while, but it needs to move up! You convinced me!

Becky said...

OK - I am going to read it! I have heard really great things, and now you have convinced me! Thanks!

Beth LoSurdo said...

LOVE that book...it is life changing :) Francis Chan is Awesome!!

Liz said...

YAY FRIENDS! Becky and Allison.... I can't wait for you to get into it. Beth, I knew you'd know and love it. And that is why I love YOU. :)


Katrina said...

I have heard some of Francis Chan's sermons and he is SO challenging. I will have to check out this book!! Thanks Liz