I've been totally MIA lately... and today anything I could say would definitely be overshadowed by Bradley's cake (see the side link on my blog to her blog.)  But I guess I have a few good reasons.... I spent most of the month of December working on my parents' Christmas present.  Ben, Kate and I collected playbills, ticket stubs, airline tickets, maps, matchbooks and more and I layed it out onto three grey blue poster boards (two shown below) and then framed them so mom and dad could hang them on a big empty wall in, get this, their bathroom closet.  They. Are. Awesome!

Then we had all the shopping (I use the term "we" with shopping very loosely... Daniel did nothing) that went along with with buying gifts for 20 people and distributing them over 5 Christmas celebrations including one for 18 people at my house.  This year, we moved the buffet table to the back of the dining room so there was no chance for disaster like the 2008 version.  Success!

After Christmases, Ben and Kate stayed in Austin for another few/many days and we had New Years at the casa again... and again, this year's version of the party was much tamer.

Finally, I started working for my grandparents' a few weeks ago and have been fairly swamped with that ever since.  SO... that's my update!  Nothing earth shattering, but it's been a good few months.  I wish I had time to post during the day, but I spend my few free minutes checking all YOUR blogs instead!  But I'll try to keep it up more regularly.


Unknown said...

Welcome back The Loj. Welcome back. (To be read in the Ty Pennington voice when he says, "Welcome home (blank) family! Welcome home.")

Beth LoSurdo said...

YEAH!!! I have been checking almost every day to see if you would come back! :) I miss Liz updates!

Chopsticks and Pearls said...

I'm so glad you included pictures of this "infamous" collage for your parents. We've heard about it for soo long! Good job! What a fun gift!

katie newton said...

LOVE your new background!!! Yay!! And I loved your diet coke comment- I'll fax a kid to you anytime honey. Did you laugh out loud at T-Rog's comment about Ty like I did? Hysterical. Sounds like lately you have been a busy little bee missy- so glad you are updating your life so I can know what you're doing!!! who are you going for in the Bachelor?

Katrina said...

I missed you!