Or rather... a Lozier-Farrar.

My driver's license expired in September and I'm working for my grandparents who get very antsy about The Law, so one day they told me that I couldn't come to work until I got my license updated.  I went and got it done (on my second attempt at a different office) and I changed my address to be the one in Austin (yes, it still said I lived in Dallas) AND I decided to change my name.  (I've decided this is the most legal I've ever been in my life.  Current license, Registration, Inspection, Insurance... even my OIL CHANGE is current!  I'm so proud.)  Anyways...

Most of you know that my full name is Rebecca Elizabeth Lozier.  And long ago, I found out that you can't just drop your first name and go by your middle name with your maiden name and new last name.  So the options to take your married name are to: drop your middle name, go to court and legally change your name (the same process it would take for me to legally become something like "TheLoj") or drop your maiden name.  So for the last 5.5 years, I've chosen to do nothing!  Until now.

All was fine and I was ready to just have four names, but when I got there, they said I could only hyphenate.  HYPHENATE??!!??!  I was all ready for the four names, but when push came to shove, I couldn't bring myself to drop the Lozier and obviously I can't drop Elizabeth.  So I hyphenated.  At this point, it was better to at least get Farrar IN THERE somewhere.  And before I have a baby (no, that's not on the calendar), I will go and do the court thing and pay the $200 and legally change my name to Elizabeth Lozier Farrar.  Because no baby of mine is going to be a hyphenator like his mother. 


Unknown said...

A-MAZE-ING. I'm buying Della a drink! I'm sure the Farrar's are hyped that you are finally carrying the family name. :) XOXO

PS...I'M BACK! And I missed you and the blog/facebook/internet/land-of-the-living (like the hyphenation???) world. Thank you for your texts. It meant a lot to me. Thank you for thinking about me and loving and missing me. :) Hope to see you soon.

The Bradens said...

What a good little wifey you are...I'm proud of you Liz!

Sarah M. said...

I didn't even mean to hyphenate my name. The stupid DMV people did it to me. I am Sarah Elizabeth Bickel, by birth. I'm sorry, but being a "Bickel" all my life, I just had to drop the Elizabeth. Well, it turns out that they hyphenated it during the election and it took me to get summoned by jury duty to figure out that I wasn't going to get to be a Minton, but a Bickel-Minton and go with the B's. Someone just hyphenated me without my permission and no matter what anybody says, it's kind of a big deal.