What Gives with Skipping T-Gives?

The TV, radio, magazines, billboards and all media in general start screaming us about Christmas the second Halloween ends.  And the reasons are two-fold.  First, Thanksgiving doesn't make the economy any money.  Second (and the same reason we start talking V-Day right after New Year's), boys need a lot of lead-time and many reminders if they're going to buy us the perfect present. But I think the former is the main reason.  And I say STOP!  

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It has the same family gatherings, fantastic food and football without the stress of finding the perfect presents and spending the hundys of dollars.  It's also ends a month that isn't crammed with Christmas parties with friends from work, college, high school, church, book club, etc* so the exhaustion hasn't set in and you really can just enjoy your fam.

Some of my favorite T-Giving Day activities:
- Making the pies... cold pumpkin pie layered with cool whip and graham crackers, specifically
- Eating at the "Kids" table
- Thanksgiving blessing from Uncle Stephen
- Watching Kate nap on the floor with her favorite Field of Dreams blanket... and in years past with TheBestDog, Coach
- Friday night out with old friends from the high school days

So, that's why I love Thanksgiving and why I'm savoring the next week in anticipation of it.  I'll start worrying about your presents at 5AM on Black Friday.  

* Don't NOT invite me to these parties because of this blog.  You KNOW I love me a party.


Unknown said...

Love the cartoon! I do LOVE Thanksgiving, but I'm not going to lie....I started putting up my Christmas decor yesterday. NOW, before you go postal on me....I am not going to be here for Thanskgiving. So, I have started doing my decor so I can fulkly enjoy Turkey day and then come home and begin with Christmas. :) Thank you, and goodnight.

allison said...

I loooooooooooove Thanksgiving for the same reasons. Buying presents stresses me out!!!

Katrina said...

Preach it!

Elicia said...

I did not know that the Loj had a blog! I will be back! ;)