Road Trip & Friday Friend Facts.

Daniel and I are going with my friend Wendy and her husband Chris (and Wendy's parents) to the coast this weekend.  But it's not just any old place on the coast.  It's actually a cabin in the middle of the water.  SO, it will be interesting!  Daniel and Chris will be hunting, fishing and hitting golf balls into the water.  I will be reading books and playing games and relaxing. So I just wanted you to know that I've packed all my stuff in a more water proof way than I knew existed and I am hyped!

AND... since I will be road tripping on Friday Friend Fact day... let me know YOUR favorite road trip ever and WHY!

Have a HAPPY FRIDAY!  And you will see pics when I get back.


Writinggal said...

Drove from Austin to Dallas with my friends the Womacks (Scott and Tami). Everytime we passed something cool (Like the Czech Bakery), Scott would exit and go there. It was so spontaneous! We even saw a DQ and pulled over to get Blizzards.

Frank is all about making good time so we never venture out like that. So if I see a sign for someting and say, "Hey, we should stop..." He'll say, "Oh, like that time with the Womacks?"

They're like my road trip idols.

(Oh, and we EACH got our own Blizzard. Didn't have to split.)

Liz said...

HA. That sounds just about like our road trip from Austin to the coast. Except it wasn't for fun stops. But it DID take 12.5 hours door to door! Insanity.

And we didn't each get our own blizzard. Sad.